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Next-Gen Mac Pros to Use Custom Intel Processor, More on Mac Mini, Time Capsule

Screen shot 2011-04-21 at 10.48.17 PM.pngRight off the heals of a report which claimed new Mac Pros and Mac Minis are coming later this summer, MICGadget is reporting some new information on those desktop machines, plus new information regarding Time Capsule and Airport Extreme refreshes.

First off, and to little surprise, the new Mac Minis will be have Thunderbolt built in, and utilize the Sandy Bridge Intel CPU architecture. In using that architecture, Apple will compromise the graphics and use Intel HD integrated graphics instead of an NVIDIA card.

Next up, they claim that the the new Mac Pro will come in a rack-mountable design for the server model, and also claim that the system will use a custom CPU from Intel. Nothing too shocking here either. Apple has gotten custom silicon from Intel before- remember the first MacBook Air?

Finally, the report claims that the new Time Capsule and Airport Extreme are redesigned with better heat dispersion in mind. The new Time Capsule will have a lower TDP and a hard drive with lower power consumption. They also claim more of what we’ve heard before- the new Time Machines will cache backups for Lion and iOS 5, for faster downloading to multiple devices. Not to be forgotten, the new Airport Extreme will have better reception, with six antennas built in.

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