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Apple Gearing Down iPhone 4 Orders Ahead of Refresh, ‘Radical’ New Design for Next-Gen Model

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DigiTimes is reporting that printed circuit board suppliers in Taiwan have trimmed down their quotes by 10% this quarter as Apple decreases orders. These are the same companies that supply parts for Apple’s iPad, and iPhones.

These companies expect for orders to pick back up in Q3 due to the introduction of the next-generation iPhone. The report doesn’t specifically state where the lower demand is coming from, but it’s safe to assume it’s from the iPhone 4, and not the iPad 2, which still has a waiting line.

In another totally unconnected report from BGR, they claim that the next-generation iPhone will, in spite of recent rumors to the contrary, have a “radical new case design”. The report also expects the new iPhone to be announced at a special event in early August, and a general launch later that month.

As I suggested above, this report flies in the face of other recent rumors, which suggest the next-generation iPhone will look nearly identical to the current iPhone 4, with only minor improvements such as an 8MP camera.

I think BGR’s timing is off. Apple always holds a special event in September for their iPod/music offerings. That will be when Apple introduces the new iPhone.

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  • Jdubs08

    You can’t go by what Apple has done in the past. They released a white iPhone 4 WAY later than originally promised, they didn’t announce the new iPhone at the WWDC… too many first time agendas for Apple. This means that the phone could be released in July or October for all we know. BGR is normally more right than wrong with their sources. They were the first to confirm the Bold 9900 was going to be delayed.

  • Saying “Apple always” does anything can get you into trouble. Up until this summer, they “always” introduced the new iPhone in June/July.