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Apple May Not Get ‘App Store’ Trademark, Still Sending Out Cease and Desist Letters Anyway

apples-app-store-icon-o.jpgEven after reports surfaced claiming that a federal judge may deny Apple’s motion to prevent Amazon from using the term “Appstore” for their Android app market, Apple is now dishing out cease and desist letters to companies still using the “App Store” wording.

Amahi, a startup, has been hit with one such letter, and is holding a “name the store” contest with their users to create a new name for the service, just to stay in Apple’s good graces. Other smaller companies such as pcappstore.com, who owned that domain in November of 2008, are under attack as well.

Granted, other companies such as Microsoft have patented the the generic term “Windows”, but Apple might want to give this one up. They’re not winning the “App store” fight. Other companies are fighting this issue, and the court battle isn’t looking good either.

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