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Apple Seeds: Apple COO Purportedly Seen at China Mobile’s HQ, iPhone Top Seller in US Carrier Stores, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Apple COO Tim Cook Reportedly Seen at China Mobile’s HQ

MICGadget points to a piece from a Chinese Newspaper called First Financial Daily, wherein they claim that Apple COO Tim Cook was spotted in the lobby with 7-8 other people. Of course, Cook is likely there to hammer out a deal to bring the iPhone to China Mobile, who has over 600 million customers. Needless to say, a huge market for Apple.[Read More]

iPhone is a Big Seller at AT&T and Verizon Stores

Surprise, surprise, Apple’s iPhone is a top seller at 58% of the AT&T and Verizon stores that were questioned in a survey by BTIG. Amazing numbers. [Read More]

Apple to Allow Users to Download Lion at Apple Retail Stores

Don’t have an internet connection fast enough to download the 4GB OS X Lion installer? Apple has got you covered. Computerworld reports that Apple store representatives have stated customers can walk into an Apple Retail Store and use their Wi-Fi connection to download Lion. [Read More]

Lodsys Files Motion for One Month Extension

Because we’re all not sick of hearing about it, Foss Patents is reporting that Lodsys has withdrawn a previous motion asking for a two month extension, and has since refiled with the courts for a one month extension. Remember, Lodsys is the patent trolling company fighting iOS app developers over the patented idea of in-app purchasing and download links. [Read More]

Apple Kills Final Cut Express

After the introduction of Final Cut Pro X on Tuesday, Apple has killed off their middle-of-the-road video editing program, Final Cut Express. Apple will likely still support existing customers for awhile, but no new releases hear forward. With Final Cut Pro X now selling at $299, who can complain? Well, other than the professional video editors who miss the editing features no in Final Cut Pro X at the moment. [Read More]

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