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Apple Sends Reminders to Developers for Lion-Ready Mac App Store Submissions


Apple is now emailing reminders to registered developers for them to submit their Lion-ready applications to the Mac App Store, for approval so that they can support OS X Lion from the day it launches sometime this month.

With Apple just now sending reminders to developers for their submission of Lion applications, the timeframe will be really tight if Apple is indeed planning to release OS X Lion this Thursday, July 14th, as several rumors have suggested. That said, Apple has been known to put a rush priority on app submissions ahead of a major OS release.

In other words, Apple is giving developers less than three days to submit apps for the supposed Thursday launch of OS X Lion. That is a tight deadline for anyone. If I had to guess, the rumors are wrong, and we’ll see Lion released next week. I hope I’m wrong though. I can’t wait to get my hands on Lion.

Image courtesy of MacRumors.

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