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iOS App Store Still Upward Bound, Average App Price Increases as Well

891DD2FE-9407-478B-86F3-41A0D985A804.jpgFortune is reporting that Gene Munster, an analyst for Piper Jaffray, has released research wherein he took the rate at which iOS apps are being downloaded and compared that number to the number of iOS devices being sold. What Munster found, was an increase in total apps being downloaded, along with an average price increase of apps on the store.

Specifically, Munster claims that in 2010 the average iOS device owner had downloaded 51 apps. In 2011 that number rose 61% to 83 apps. As for the average price, it’s also on it’s way up after an 18% decline in 2010. This year, the prices are up 14% as more users are willing to pay for additional content in their apps (in-app purchases).

Furthermore, the majority of App Store activity at 81%, are free downloads, another 18% are paid downloads with an average selling price of $1.44. This spike in average selling prices comes from the success of the iPad, and iPad apps often have a higher price than their iPhone and iPod touch counterparts.

More proof that Apple has a thriving ecosystem around their iOS platform. I still wholly believe that there is enough room for both Apple, Google, and whoever else, to make money in the post-PC era of computing.

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