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Apple Seeds: Apple Releases Minor Updates for ILife Suite, Looking into Wireless Electricity Technology, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Apple Releases Minor Updates for All iLife ’11 Applications

Apple has released updates for the entire iLife suite. These updates are primarily bug fix updates. What’s new, is that Apple first pushed out the updates through the Mac App Store, then through the traditional Software Update. If you prefer to download them manually, you can get the updates from each of the applications’ download page.

Apple Looking into Wireless Charging with WiTricity Technology

After reports surfaced suggesting that Apple was looking into adding wireless charging to the 2012 iPhone model, a new report has surfaced suggesting that Apple is looking into WiTricity technology to accomplish this goal. [Read More]

Antitrust Investigators Looking into Nortel Patent Purchases

The Washington Post is reporting that antitrust investigators are looking into the $4.5 billion Nortel patent portfolio purchase made by a consortium of tech companies including Apple. Specifically, this purchase could slant the market in favor of non-Android devices, and Google will have to pay even more patent royalties than they already are, seeing as they did not buy any of the Nortel patents. This could get sticky for Apple and the others.[Read more]

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