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App Downloads Now Far Outpacing Songs in iTunes


Talk about amazing iOS numbers – here’s some courtesy of Horace Dediu’s excellent asymco site:

The 15 billion app threshold was passed within exactly three years while the 15 billion song threshold was passed in six years and 10 months.

So it took apps less than half as long to hit the 15 billion downloads mark. That seems just incredible to me, given how universal music is, and given iTunes position in the song-selling market.

Here’s an even more staggering comparison:

The app download rate is now at least 31 million per day while the song download rate is about 12 million per month.

These numbers really bring home the massive impact the iPhone, iOS and mobile apps have had and the huge momentum they currently have. Check out Dediu’s full post for lots more detail and insight on these numbers.

It also made me think about my buying / download habits. I haven’t run any numbers, but I’d say top of the head I download about the same number of songs as apps per month, with maybe a slight edge to apps. How about you? Do you download more apps each month than songs?

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  • Do we know if this is based on the first download, or just every download of every app?

    for example I’ve been through 3 iphones in 4 days (thank you apple care)… and have redownloaded a few apps that I needed until I got home to resync.

    Also, part of fixing most app related issues is uninstalling and re-downloading the app. Do each of those instances count as a download, or are repeat downloads filtered out?