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Review: AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2

The AViiQ Smart Case is designed to be the perfect companion for the Smart Cover and iPad 2, providing protection and a bit of colour to the neglected rear end of Apple’s second-gen tablet.


AViiQ’s Smart Case fits over skins like the Invisible Shield and Gelaskins, so you don’t need to worry about keeping the iPad naked to use this accessory. However, you will likely need to fiddle with the case to ensure a proper installation, because it can be quite a tight fit. It’s really best to start off with the iPad’s top two corners inside the case and simply click the bottom two corners into place. Not following this installation order often results in one or more of the corners staying visibly loose. Once the Smart Case is in place, it stays very snug against the iPad, and I never worried about dust sneaking into the cracks between the case and the tablet.


The Smart Case does little to add to the thickness of the iPad 2 as far as the eye is concerned, but I have found that it adds just enough extra bulk to the back of the tablet to make it a little bit easier to grip. I also like how the Smart case frames the iPad while installed. I’ve already dinged my iPad once while carrying it around the house, so the extra protection along all sides and corners is very much appreciated.


I received a Smart Case in red and I like that AViiQ picked colours to match Apple’s own Smart Covers (granted, I am giving AViiQ the benefit of the doubt here, seeing as I have a black Smart Cover myself) . The outer portions of the case are rubberized and gray, but the bulk of the case is made up of a very smooth aluminum that doesn’t scratch nearly as easily as the back of the iPad 2. In fact, in my two weeks in the Smart Case I have yet to see a single scratch on the back.


The only major downside to the Smart Case is the heft that it adds to the iPad 2. Neither the Smart Case nor the iPad 2 is particularly heavy on its own, but put the two together and the whole package suddenly feels a lot heavier. So while I do appreciate all of the extra protection and style that this accessory provides, I just haven’t been able to get used to all of the extra weight during normal usage. The Smart Case is not so heavy as to make two-handed use impossible, but it definitely makes the iPad 2 feel too hefty to use in one hand for more than a few seconds.


I really like the idea behind the Smart Case and I love all of the style that it provides–especially the nice shock of color on the back of the iPad—but all of these benefits come at too high a cost. One of the best things about the iPad 2 is how light it feels in the hand, and this case simply adds too much weight and too little extra grip for me to want to use it on a daily basis. So unless you really don’t mind the idea of adding extra weight, I’d suggest passing on the $50 Smart Case and sticking to lighter protective solutions.

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  • while this case does indeed look nice, it does very little to stand out from myriad of other iPad back protectors already on the market.