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Lion Supports HiDPI Display Modes Making Mac Retina Displays A Possibility In the Future


MacRumors points out that Lion now supports HiDPI display modes, which would pave the way for high-resolution “Retina” displays on the Mac. You can access the feature through Xcode, if you have it downloaded, and set the HiDPI mode in the Quartz Debug application in the Developer directory.

Once enabled and a mode such as 1280×800 HiDPI is selected, 1/4 of the screens area is taken up on a 30″ Cinema Display. In other words, the content is so pixel-dense at that point, it only takes up a quarter of a massive 30″ display.

HiDPI mode allows for this content to be scaled to fit larger screens without looking skewed, much the same way that Apple transitioned graphics built for the original iPhone, and ported over to the iPhone 4’s retina display. In short, the technology is here, we just need better screens to match.

Image courtesy of MacRumors.

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