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Review: ZAGG’s ZAGGfolio for iPad 2 (Updated)


Note: This review has been updated as of July 29, 2011 to reflect a defect in the design of the ZAGGfolio that came to light two days after its publication. The defect kept the clasp from holding the ZAGGfolio closed unless the iPad 2 inside had an InvisibleShield or similar skin installed on the screen. The extra grip provided by the skin on the iPad 2’s screen kept my case’s clasp from disengaging, so I did not mention the issue in my original review. Commenters here, and at ZAGG’s blog post that references this review helped to bring this problem to their attention. A ZAGG representative made a statement in the comments below detailing the redesign of the ZAGGfolio case’s clasp, and their free replacement program for all current ZAGGfolio owners. A full review of the new case design will be forthcoming after its release. 

A couple of months ago, I reviewed the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad 2 by ZAGG, and I came away a big fan. So big, in fact, that I put my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on the shelf, and I have hardly touched it since. That is saying something, because it is a terrific keyboard in its own right. However, the Bluetooth Keyboard Case’s combination of lightweight portability and great design really won me over. There are some trade-offs because of what it was designed to do, but those were acceptable to me considering the benefits it brings to the table.

In case you didn’t catch my review of the Bluetooth Keyboard Case, I actually don’t use it as a case. I love using my Apple Smart Cover, and I was already carrying my iPad and several mobile accessories around in a small netbook sleeve, so I just added it to the bag. It and the iPad easily fit in there together, which the Apple keyboard couldn’t due to its width. So, even though I just used the Keyboard Case as a mobile Bluetooth keyboard, it was still a perfect fit for me.

A few weeks ago, as I was browsing through my emails, I came across the announcement for the ZAGGfolio, which is yet another Bluetooth keyboard option for the iPad 2 from ZAGG. I was a little surprised to see this new product, since they already have one of the most highly rated and reviewed iPad 2 accessories available. However, there is always room for more high quality accessories at the iPad table, right? Plus, the ZAGGfolio addresses some different needs than the Bluetooth Keyboard Case and ZAGGmate, which we will get to in a moment.

My second reaction after surprise was a bad case of gadget lust. Considering ZAGG’s reputation for quality products, and my personal experience with them, I had to get my hands on this new gadget and give it a go. After spending some quality time with the ZAGGfolio, I have to say that it is not what I originally expected, but that definitely isn’t a bad thing. It is just different than the impressions that I got from looking at the initial photos of the product. However, before we dive off into the details, rest assured that the ZAGGfolio does have a unique place alongside the Bluetooth Keyboard Case, and that it absolutely has the same great quality and solid design that we are used to from ZAGG.

Look and Feel
When I saw the pictures of the ZAGGfolio, I was expecting something softer, smoother, and lighter. However, that is not the case. It is actually quite substantial, and has a very rugged feel inside and out.

The case portion of the ZAGGfolio is hard plastic, covered in a black carbon-fiber styled fabric material, and it feels absolutely rock solid.

The material isn’t rough, but it does feel rugged, which fits perfectly with the overall design of the case. The design choices actually make a lot of sense, considering that the Bluetooth Keyboard Case and ZAGGmate are small, sleek and lightweight. In contrast, the ZAGGfolio is geared toward those that want more protection, and as you will see in a moment, more versatility.

One small issue that I came across with the feel of the device is that there are some rough spots around the edges of the case, With all of the spots that I found, the rough feel was from the edges of the carbon-fiber material. Since the material is thick, I think it is pretty understandable that the joints where it meets the plastic can be a little rough. To put this in perspective, the ZAGGfolio isn’t Palm Pre bad. It isn’t going to draw blood. However, the rough edges can be slightly annoying.

This extra protection that the ZAGGfolio provides does come at a bit of a cost, as this new product adds a good amount of size and weight to the very sleek iPad 2. However, for those who tend to use a keyboard often, and want more protection than the average iPad case provides, the ZAGGfolio is immediately the best device in its class. In fact, it has probably carved out its own class. Considering how many iPhones I see in Otterbox cases these days, I think a lot of users are willing to trade a little size and weight to err on the side of device security. From a personal perspective, I do some of my work in production areas of industrial facilities, as well as mechanical and electrical rooms of all types of buildings. These aren’t the most hospitable of places for mobile devices, so this case immediately got my attention.

The Case
So let’s take a closer look at the ZAGGfolio’s tough exterior. As mentioned before, this case seems like it can take a beating, without giving an inch.

As you can see from the photo, the plastic frame is thick, and covers the entire surface of the iPad 2 when the ZAGGfolio is closed. You can also see the quality that has become a ZAGG trademark in things like the perfectly aligned cutouts for all of the iPad’s ports, buttons, and switches.

ZAGG even went the extra mile with the ZAGGfolio and included magnets in the case to give it Smart Cover instant on and off support.

This case’s tough attitude isn’t just skin deep, either, as ZAGG touts the fact that this product contains no moving parts. This will certainly add to the ZAGGfolio’s durability and ultimate lifespan.

Rather than adding any hinges or straps, ZAGG’s design incorporates a fixed clasp to fasten the case while folded together, and a two-piece back behind the iPad that allows it to be tilted for keyboard use, without any unnecessary parts to wear out or break.

Also, since the ZAGGfolio has two substantial plastic sections to hold and protect both the iPad 2 and keyboard, the designers at ZAGG had to address the issue of being able to close the case effectively without a moving hinge. Their solution was simple, but effective.

They just used a section of the thick, but flexible carbon-fiber styled cloth cover to act as a hinge, leaving plenty of flexibility for opening and closing the case, but elegantly maintaining the design.

Despite all of the brawn, the ZAGGfolio also has a softer side, as well. Like its brother, the Bluetooth Keyboard Case, it has rubber spacers and microfiber lining in all the right places, insuring that it won’t do any damage to your precious iPad, while its busy protecting it from the outside world.

Also of note, is that the ZAGGfolio is compatible with ZAGG’s own InvisibleShield front and rear skins, and others of similar construction. Many other cases or covers that the iPad 2 snaps or slides into can cause damage to or ruin these popular accessories. Considering the cost of many of these skins, and their often difficult and time-consuming installations, this was a thoughtful design decision.

As for the operation of the case, it is fairly simple. The right side of the iPad slides into a pair of plastic clips, which hold it securely.

The left side remains free so that it can tilt into place when it’s time to use it with the keyboard. The whole package is rock solid while typing, even if you are holding it in your lap.

As well as the ZAGGmate and Bluetooth Keyboard Case perform in this regard, the additional weight of the ZAGGfolio actually works in its favor to make it even better in the lap.

The primary use for the ZAGGfolio while opened is typing in landscape orientation. However, thanks to fact that both the iPad 2 and the keyboard can be removed from the case, it has plenty of versatility beyond that. First of all, you can remove the iPad 2, and with the back of the case laid flat, place the iPad in the keyboard’s docking groove alone to hold it. You can also remove the keyboard from the case, and use it and the iPad together separate from the case (more on this in a bit). Last, you can also keep the iPad in the case with the keyboard removed, and use the plastic clips that would normally hold keyboard to steady the iPad 2 in landscape mode.

While the other configurations have plenty of usefulness, this last mode didn’t really do anything for me, but it is there for anyone who needs it.

While the ZAGGfolio case is an polished and well-made product that excels at providing a superb landscape typing experience, along with plenty of protection, there are a few drawbacks. I would preface this by saying that they aren’t due to faulty design, but rather design trade-offs that come about because of  its primary use case. For comparison, the Bluetooth Keyboard Case’s most commonly mentioned drawbacks are the small size of the keyboard, the fact that the keys are recessed, and that the back of the iPad is exposed while using it as a case. While these may be seen as negatives, they are due to the size constraints imposed by pulling double duty as both a form-fitting iPad case and a keyboard. The same could also be said of Apple’s iPhone 4 external antenna design. It wasn’t a faulty design, as many complained soon after release. Rather, it was a trade-off made in favor of using newer materials and an innovative industrial design in an attempt to push mobile phone design in new directions. It worked as it was designed to. Antenna performance just wasn’t the primary focus of the design, so it suffered.

In the case of the ZAGGfolio, because of the size of the case and the fact that it was designed to do one thing particularly well while holding two different devices, it doesn’t work very well with just one device placed in it. If you remove the iPad 2, it works ok as a keyboard case. However, it doesn’t close snugly since the Smart Cover magnets don’t have anything to make contact with. Also, the iPad side is made with two plastic panels so that it can tilt, so without the iPad there, it bows in and makes the case unsteady in the hand.

Unfortunately, the ZAGGmate performs even more poorly as a stand-alone iPad case. Just as with the keyboard alone, it buckles and just doesn’t line up correctly, even with the Smart Cover magnets having something to attach to. That actually becomes an issue, because any time the case moves enough, the iPad will start turning on and off. As it stands, I wouldn’t recommend putting the iPad 2 in the ZAGGfolio to carry it around unless the keyboard is also installed.

These may come off as complaints, but they really aren’t. The ZAGGfolio just wasn’t designed and manufactured to be a single device case. It is designed to be used in a couple of specific ways, and it absolutely excels at those. I just wanted to make it clear that the ZAGGfolio isn’t the Swiss Army Knife of iPad 2 cases. If that is what you are looking for, then maybe this isn’t the case for you.

The last issue I came across with the ZAGGfolio was again, related to the design. Due to the fact that there are no moving parts on the case, ZAGG had to mold the clasp as part of the case’s plastic.

It works well the majority of the time, and I did learn to work around the issues that I had with it. However, since the case has two large and weighty plastic sections connected with a flexible cloth hinge, there is a little bit of give where the sections can shift slightly. Since the hinge doesn’t have moving parts that can fasten or lock it down to anything, there were instances when the sides moved enough to disengage the Smart Cover magnets and turn the iPad on.

(The issue detailed here is similar to what others experienced due to the aforementioned clasp design defect. However, since I had a skin installed on my iPad’s screen, the ZAGGfolio did stay closed, which meant that I only experienced the minor issues detailed above. Others who bought the case and did not have a screen protector installed could not close the ZAGGfolio. You can read further descriptions of those issues in the comments below.)

Again, this is a small issue that only came up occasionally. The case never came completely unlatched or opened on it own, so it isn’t the end of the world. The clasp design is a trade-off related to a positive attribute of the case. Once I got used to this, I was able to prevent it from happening by making sure the case’s sides and the clasp were lined up properly and securely, and by holding it with the iPad side facing up or out away from my body, depending on how I was carrying it.

A change I would like to see in a future version of the ZAGGfolio would be for ZAGG to use slightly bigger and/or stronger Smart Cover magnets, if they are going to use them at all. Being that this is a large keyboard case, the instant on feature is a nice addition, but not as necessary as it is with the Apple Smart Cover. Again, if ZAGG is going to use them, I hope they will make them strong enough to avoid the intermittent device power cycles due to the case shifting around.

The Keyboard

As good as the case portion of the ZAGGfolio is, the real star of this show is the keyboard. As I mentioned before, I have been carrying the Bluetooth Keyboard Case with me since I reviewed it back in May. Despite the already mentioned design trade-offs, I still preferred it to Apple’s own mobile keyboard thanks to the portability. However, in less than a week of use, the ZAGGfolio’s keyboard has already sent the Bluetooth Keyboard Case to the shelf next to my Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. In short, if you take everything that is good about the Bluetooth Keyboard Case, address some of the drawbacks, and add in a little extra innovation, you get the ZAGGfolio’s keyboard.

As you can see from the photo above, this keyboard has some key differences that set it apart from the already very popular and successful Bluetooth Keyboard Case and ZAGGmate. The first is difference is the size of the keyboard. Since it isn’t bound by the same design constraints, ZAGG was able to stretch the ZAGGfolio’s keyboard vertically. That small amount of extra room goes a really long way, as this keyboard is far easier to type on.

Another key difference is that, where the Bluetooth Keyboard Case’s keys are tightly packed together to allow for an acceptable key size in a limited area, the ZAGGfolio’s keys have a noticeable amount of space in between them. While the keys themselves are actually a bit smaller, the separation between them really helps with accuracy on what is still a very compact keyboard. One of the biggest problems I had while using the Bluetooth Keyboard Case was hitting in between two keys and having both register on the screen. The faster I would try to type, the more I would struggle with this problem.

I have to be honest, however, and admit that my struggles probably had more to do with me than the Bluetooth Keyboard Case. I have fairly large fingers, and I’m also not the most skilled touch typist in the world. Thankfully, with the ZAGGfolio keyboard, the number of my missed keys and mistakes has been greatly reduced. My iPad typing experience has improved dramatically since trying this keyboard, and the extra space between the keys is a big reason why.

The main advantage that the ZAGGfolio has over the Bluetooth Keyboard Case in the keyboard department is that it is built from the ground up as a mobile keyboard, and that alone. Because the Bluetooth Keyboard Case is a dual function device, the keys are low to the base of the device, and are recessed beneath the metal sides that protect the iPad while it is being held in the case. This never particularly bothered me, but several other reviewers and users have mentioned it as an annoyance. With the ZAGGfolio, you get the same excellent design and materials, and quality of construction, but without this, or any of the other trade-offs already discussed.

Don’t take any of this the wrong way. The Bluetooth Keyboard Case is still an excellent choice for someone looking for a very portable keyboard/case combo for the iPad. It is one of the most popular iPad 2 accessories on the market for very good reason. However, for those like me, who looking for a great iPad keyboard, but are less concerned with it being an all-in-one case design, the ZAGGfolio’s keyboard is now the new standard.

As I mentioned earlier, the ZAGGfolio’s keyboard isn’t permanently attached to the case, which as you will see, gives it a lot of additional value. It can be removed from and returned to the case without any force or difficulty. As much as I really like the case with all of the elements joined together, it is the versatility of this keyboard that sells the package for me. Once removed, it becomes an ultra thin and light typing machine that can be used in a variety of ways.

Using the same docking slot you would with the keyboard placed inside the ZAGGfolio case, you can use iPad in both portrait and landscape modes without any additional support for the back of the device.

This actually seemed a little unreasonable to me at first. Without a rear brace like the Bluetooth Keyboard Case, I wondered if there would really be enough support for the iPad, especially with it in portrait mode.

After plenty of testing for verification, however, I can say that it works far better than I expected. My iPad 2 was held safe and secure when used on a table, despite my heavy-handed typing. The ZAGGfolio was stable, and never felt like it would allow the iPad to tip over. I even tried typing using the keyboard in my lap with the iPad 2 in portrait mode. It did rock back an forth slightly, but still never came close to tipping. In landscape orientation, it barely even moves at all. This is really important feature, in my opinion.

Thanks to the fact that you can remove it from the case, the ZAGGfolio has at least some compatibility with the most popular of iPad 2 accessories- the Smart Cover.

If you love using your Smart Cover as a stand, or would rather use it to protect your iPad’s screen, then you can easily use them together. Considering how ubiquitous the Smart Cover has become since the release of the iPad 2, this is a potentially important feature for those who are unwilling to part with theirs for day-to-day use.

In this picture, you can see some more evidence of just how much care and thought ZAGG put into the design of the ZAGGfolio. The keyboard has a plastic underside that is less prone to scratching than the metal bottom of the Bluetooth Keyboard Case. It also has four non-slip rubber feet already installed. In other words, the option to remove the keyboard from the case isn’t an afterthought. It’s a centerpiece of the design.

In fact, this keyboard’s design is so solid stand-alone, that ZAGG will soon be offering it independent of the ZAGGfolio, as the ZAGGkeys SOLO. While the ZAGGfolio case retails for $99.99, the same price as both the ZAGGmate and the Bluetooth Keyboard Case, the ZAGGkeys SOLO comes in at a very reasonable $69.99. The SOLO will also be available in black and white, as well as the silver model that is included with the ZAGGfolio. It is slated to go on sale in mid August.

So, if you don’t need the heavy-duty case protection of the ZAGGfolio, or the all-in-one, lightweight case protection of the Bluetooth Keyboard Case, then you can purchase the ZAGGkeys SOLO alone, and save yourself $30. Considering that I wasn’t using the Bluetooth Keyboard Case as an iPad 2 case, but was carrying it around in my bag just to use as a mobile keyboard, I can see myself getting a lot of mileage out of this new keyboard by itself. It’s a no brainer for me. I’m getting everything I loved about my Bluetooth Keyboard Case, but in a package that is more suited to how I am really using it. As the ultra-quotable Steve Jobs would say, “Boom.” However, after using both the Bluetooth Keyboard Case and the ZAGGfolio extensively, I can assure you that, if you need a case/keyboard combo, they are absolutely worth every bit of the additional $30 and more.

Final Thoughts
What can I say? There is a good reason that ZAGG wins a lot of “Best Of” product awards, and churns out some of the most desired and best-selling mobile accessories. Like Apple, they find those perfect holes in the market, and they make beautifully designed products to fill them. They also tend to get it right the first time. All of the ZAGG keyboards that I have mentioned are either first or second generation products, but they practically wipe the floor with the rest of the competition.

The ZAGGfolio and ZAGGkeys SOLO are certainly no exception. Sure, I brought up some trade-offs to be considered due to the primary design of the case. However, those are just things that you need to be aware of and think about before you spend $99 for an accessory for an already expensive iPad 2. The ZAGGfolio doesn’t do everything well. It isn’t designed to. You could probably say the very same thing about the iPad. However, in both cases, they do what they were primarily designed to do better than anything else in their respective fields. If you are looking for a heavy-duty keyboard case that will give your iPad 2 superior protection, and will let you type in landscape mode while holding your device as steady as a stone, then you can’t get any better than this.

Even if, like me, you don’t need all of that protection every day, ZAGG was smart enough to include the best mobile Bluetooth keyboard in its class with this case, and let you remove it and take it with you anywhere you please. If you really don’t need the case, you also have the less expensive option of the keyboard alone. However, like I said before, it is definitely worth the extra investment to have that protection when you do need it, even if it’s just once in a while.After

One thing I can say for sure after working on my last two ZAGG reviews is that, if you need a mobile Bluetooth keyboard, don’t bother with anything else. ZAGG is the unquestioned gold standard in the field at this point. There’s a good reason why mainstream retailers keep their items in plentiful supply and major manufacturers want to partner with them. They are simply the best at what they do, and as far as I’m concerned, the iPad keyboard market belongs to them at this point.

(After the revelation of the design flaw that affected several customer’s experience with the ZAGGfolio, I would like to add that I hope ZAGG will tighten their quality control on new products that they release. Being a programmer by trade, and someone who works with a lot of different industrial microprocessor controllers and electronic components, I have seen my share of bugs, design flaws, botched software patches, and even product recalls. They are a fact of life in any industry, and can even strike companies you might think would be immune to such things, like Apple, for example. 

In retrospect, it is also easy for me to see how this defect could slip by unnoticed. Considering that ZAGG is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of screen protectors, I would imagine that there aren’t too many iPads around their facilities without one. However, I hope that in the future, their engineers and testers will take this slip into consideration. Their oversight negatively affected some of their customers, and that is not something to take lightly. It would also seem that the initial reaction from ZAGG’s technical support team could have been better, as well.

That said, as a longtime fan of ZAGG, I am very happy that they stepped up to the plate, took responsibility for the problems with the ZAGGfolio, and committed to making it right for their customers. It’s never a good thing when something like this happens, but I have to give them credit for acting quickly to make sure that their ZAGGfolio works as it should, and that their customers are taken care of. I was a little worried there for a bit, but ZAGG’s actions make it possible for me to continue to stand by my statements at the end of my review about them as a company.

As for my final opinion on the product, I will post a follow-up review of the new case design as soon as it is released.)

The ZAGGfolio is available for $99.99 from ZAGG, but is currently only available in limited quantities. It will eventually be available from all of ZAGG’s retail partners.

The ZAGGkeys SOLO keyboard will be available for $69.99 in mid-August.


The ZAGGfolio was provided by Zagg for review on iSource. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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  • Bien N

    Thank you for your excellent review. I would like to bring up an additional concern. Like seen on some of the Macbook Pro laptops where the keyboard can rub against the screen and transfer oil imprints on the screen. Does the Zaggfolio Keyboard when in the case rub against the IPAD screen? Are there foam linings preventing the recessed keyboard from scratching the IPAD screen?

    Same question for the Logitech Zagg Keyboard/Case Combo.

  • jhrogersii

    Both devices have rubber gaskets that iPad’s screen rests on. The Bluetooth Keyboard Case has these front and back. The ZAGGfolio only has one in the back, but it looks like the plastic from the case holds the screen just off the keys.

    If you are planning on using one of these keyboard cases, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a good screen protector. I would recommend either the InvisibleShield or the BestSkinsEver.

  • Robin a

    You did not mention how this case operates when I need to use the iPad as a tablet (sans removing it from the case). Does the case fold easily back on itself, and when done so can you still easily use it as a tablet with one hand? If you use this case are you basically giving up the iPad’s initial design (as a tablet) in place of a touchscreen netbook experience? I would like to have the versatility of a ClamCase or CruxCase without the bulk and with a better keyboard.

    • jhrogersii

      I may not have addressed that instance specifically, but I did mention that it isn’t made to do anything besides its primary function. The cloth hinge will allow the iPad side to fold back on the keyboard. However, with the weight and flexibility of the sides, and no way to lock them together, it is awkward to use it that way. The ZAGGfolio is specifically made to use with the keyboard. Whenever I don’t need the keyboard, I take my iPad out and use it separately.

      If you need something with more general versatility, then you might want to look elsewhere. Although, I can’t think of another keyboard case that will work that well while using the iPad in tablet mode either. The Bluetooth Keyboard Case might be better for you, as long as you’re ok with no protection once you remove the iPad.

      • Bent

        The Bluetooth Keyboard folio case for the iPad 2rom Brookstone is the best combo I have found. While its keyboard is not removeable or as nice as the Zagg one, it has a flap that when closed holds the folio together which doubles when used as a tablet to cover most of the keyboard and is really nice for holding while using as a tablet. This in my eyes is a big issue as being able to switch quickly and easily from keyboard use to tablet use is a must. I would love to see Zagg implement that design.

      • John

        The Targus Versavu keyboard & case is well worth a look. Please review this.

        • jhrogersii

          I looked it up on Targus’ site, and it certainly looks like a competitive product. No guarantees as of yet, but I will definitely inquire about doing a review.

  • Natasha

    Hi I loved your review and I actually just got mine in the mail 10 minutes ago. But I am having trouble closing it. Could you please email me or tell me how to close it? Whatever I do, the clasp isn’t sticking together and it just opens up. Or could you please make a video for me or something? I’ve tried everything

  • Natasha

    on the zaggfolio, how can you put the black little rubber thing on the top of the keyboard back in also? cuz when i was trying to close it and open it, the left one came out…

  • Jhrogersii

    Wow Natasha. I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble. If both the keyboard and iPad 2 are installed correctly, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting them to line up. If you try to close it and hold it up at eye level, can you see anything that is preventing it from closing? Is the clasp ending up too close to slip over the catch, or is it going too far over to grab on?

    I have had some issues with the clasp slipping a bit while walking around with it closed, but I haven’t had trouble getting it to latch at all. Have you made sure that your iPad 2 is fully inserted under the plastic clips? Have you removed the keyboard from the case at all? If so, make sure you have it fully inserted, as well.

    As far as the rubber gasket, which one are you talking about- the long one in the center of the keyboard, or one of the two small ones at the back? What caused it to come off? If it wasn’t from anything you did, then I’m sure that ZAGG would be willing to repair or replace your ZAGGfolio under warranty. That may be your best bet, considering all the trouble you are having. Keep us posted on how things turn out.

  • Natasha

    Yeah I thought they are just supposed to snap together perfectly to close the case? But it just keeps on not sticking together (the clasps) and opens up. I took out and put back in both the keyboard and the iPad numerous times. I know my iPad is in correctly because all of the open sockets of the ZaggFolio match up with it. And then the keyboard is in all the way because when I look at it at ground level, no part of it is sticking up (like I made sure to slide it in underneath the 2 sides you are supposed to). If it’s not too much trouble, do you think you could show me a video of how you put your keyboard/iPad in and how the clasps are supposed to click correctly?

    I’m talking about 1 of the 2 rubber things on the keyboard. The top of the left one came off when I was trying to close the ZaggFolio with the clasps and open it. So I’m assuming since it touches the iPad when you close it, it got too attached to the iPad and the top of it actually came out. So then I tried pushing the top of the rubber thing back in just with my hands and also with tweezers but I can’t get it to go in because they purposely made it thicker and more round at a certain point on it so it wouldn’t come out. But then since the top wasn’t going in and it wasn’t clasping together right, I just removed the back of the rubber thing since the top of it already came out and it was just loosely flapping everywhere. Do you think they’d still repair or replace it if I just mailed the little black rubber piece along with it?

    In the pictures they have on the box and on their Facebook, it doesn’t show the keyboard having the 2 black rubber things. But I think they added it for protection so the iPad doesn’t scrape up against the keyboard since they also have that long center rubber piece. But I don’t have any invisiShields or protective screens on my iPad…

  • Natasha

    I called Zagg’s support number just now and they said that I’m supposed to give it a couple weeks for it to close and that it’s very common for it not to close once you get it…. So I guess you’re really lucky!

  • Marlon bishop

    Mine does not close either, seems to be a design flaw. Theres not enough tension to keep the clasp closed,since the hinge has so much play in it. Just for looks, IMO. Keyboard may be great, but this doesn’t compensate, power cycling on and off while it’s in my bag is not an option. I think your review should emphasize major design flaws, otherwise people might get suspicious

    • jhrogersii

      I’m very sorry to hear that. I mentioned that I had some issues with the clasp slipping a bit, but I haven’t had any problems with mine either coming open, or not closing at all. In fact, as I have gotten used to closing it a certain way, I have had even less trouble, and I have been carrying my iPad 2 in the ZAGGfolio for a week now. With mine, I am having the most success pulling the iPad side, which also has the clasp, forward a bit, so that it overshoots the lip that it latches to. Then I slide it back slightly until it clips.

      Even though mine seems to be working fine, hearing from two people having problems is concerning. All I can personally speak to in my review is what I have experienced, and as much as I like ZAGG products, I wouldn’t lie to cover up problems that I find. I wouldn’t be any help to iSource readers if I’m not being honest in my reviews.

      I had already mentioned Natasha’s comments to my PR contact at ZAGG. I will contact him again tomorrow with yours. I will leave this discussion in the comments, for now, but if there more reports of closing and clasp issues, I will update the review itself.

      Best of luck in getting your issues resolved.

  • Richard DeHaven

    I just received my case the other day and have been using it since.

    As stated in this review, the lack of solidity on the primary hinge allows for wiggle in the case, and that seems to be keeping my clasps from keeping the case closed properly all the time. It is just not as secure a fit as I though it should be. Again, this is likely due to the fact the hinges are just cloth, which allows wiggle in all directions.

    • jhrogersii

      It sounds like a lot of people getting their ZAGGfolios are having this issue. It makes me wonder a little bit if their are some variations in ZAGG’s manufacturing batches. The reason I say that is because I read over some other early reviews of the ZAGGfolio around the iOS blogosphere, and as positive as mine is, it is also has the most criticism of it that I have seen. Most of these other reviews are completely positive. It makes me wonder if reviewers got an early or pre-release run of the product that is performing differently than what is shipping to customers.

      ZAGG is a very reputable company in the iOS accessory ecosystem. I don’t think they will allow that rep to get tarnished. I’m sure that if there is a problem, they will stand behind their product. If this issue turns out to be widespread, I would expect to get a public statement from them addressing it. If it is isn’t as widespread, then they will address them under the warranty. Just contact ZAGG, let them know what you are seeing, and insist on a replacement. I’m pretty sure they will take care of you.

  • D

    Thanks for the review. I’m more interested in the keyboard (ZaggKeys Solo). Do you think it will fit an iPad 2 that has a thin back cover on it, like the SwitchEasy Nude or Incipio Feather? Thanks!

    • jhrogersii

      Thanks D. That’s a good question. Unfortunately, I’m not sure of the answer at the moment. All I have on mine is a BestSkinsEver front and back skin. Tose work just fine, but obviously don’t add a lot of thickness to the iPad. I have a cheap TPU back cover made to work with Smart Covers at home, but unfortunately I’m currently at work. I will give it a try later and see if they are compatible. Looking at my keyboard, I can tell you that the cover will have to be very thin to work with the ZAGGkeys SOLO.

      If anyone else out there who has a ZAGGfolio and a similar to case to the ones D mentioned, please let us know if they work together. Thanks.

  • Natasha

    Oh yeah thanks for the info about the ZaggKeys Solo in your review also. I didn’t know about it until reading your review. I wish that they would’ve included the choice options in the Zaggfolio since I liked the all black and all white keyboards. But then I guess that would’ve had to further delay the shipments of the Zaggfolio since it came out before the ZaggKeys Solo.

    I’ve tried your method of closing the clasps together already yesterday. Sometimes I’ll hear a big click, but then when I let go it just comes undone and the top case lifts up a bit. Hopefully after a few weeks, it will close correctly like they said. But I don’t really understand how that works since because everything seems to be fitted on the case, I don’t get what the difference is between not closing at the beginning and closing later on, if that made sense. Because the design seems sturdy enough not to change. I guess we’ll see in the future though

  • Marlon Bishop

    Just got finished speaking with customer support. He tried to explain the problem away. He went into great detail how the closure was the result of a design compromise between overall heft and slim profile of the final product. He tried to tell me to just use it for a while.. I said no thanks. I happen to be an industrial designer – there’s just no way in hell this clasp was ever meant to do *anything*, in any designer or engineer’s mind. It’s not a manufacturing problem, as in a bad batch, this is a design flaw.. However I was very polite and understanding with him over the phone, so he was pretty nice and tried to save the call by offering me a discount on the Zagg solo. After putting me on hold his superiors told him he wasn’t permitted to do that.

  • Jhrogersii

    Wow. This sounds almost like Apple’s response to their “antennagate” issues before they released an official response. It probably took Apple longer than it should have to come up with a game plan and address the issue, but to their credit, they did. ZAGG needs to do the same thing, here, in my opinion. And fast.

    We have two severe closure issues, and one maybe less severe, but still having trouble, here in the comments. Out of the four of us, that doesn’t look good. I can say that mine works well. You can even see evidence of that in one of the pictures in my review, showing the ZAGGfolio sitting flat on a table, with the clasp holding the case closed in full view. However, I certainly don’t discount that my experience is in the minority at the moment.

    Like Apple with the iPhone 4, maybe ZAGG went a little too far down a design and marketing path to the detriment of the end result. They make a point to mention the lack of any moving parts as a design advantage of the ZAGGfolio, and I brought that up in the review. That does have certain advantages. Unfortunately, to make that claim, they had to go with the fixed clasp. In retrospect, it looks like it may have been a wiser decision for ZAGG to back away from that claim to allow for a more foolproof closure method. The slight issues I experienced were worth the trade off for me. I probably would have though differently if my ZAGGfolio wouldn’t have stayed closed, though.

    I will let you guys know if I hear back anything from ZAGG regarding your issues. I’m a big fan of theirs, but you guys have legitimate claims that need to be addressed. Trying to help our readers is our priority at iSource. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

  • Marlon Bishop

    The customer support guy just called me back. He said they’re planning to send out newly designed cases to everyone who reported this problem. He said to hang on to the current one, and they will send out the “new design” in the mail in about four to six weeks. I would call them to make sure you get one. Meanwhile he told me to use this one and turn off the auto-wake feature in iOS to prevent the on-off-on sleep issue.

    I am not sure how they intend to fix the problem in 4 – 6 weeks, as I said it seems major. Unless they had a fix waiting under the wraps and sent out the bad ones intentionally. Either way, they appear to not have informed their customer support about the redesign. I want to believe them but not sure I have a good reason.

    If the new one turns out to be the same design but works only slightly better, I don’t think I’m gonna be satisfied. I want something that closes tight, with a snap. In the 7th grade I had a plastic notebook made by Mead. It closed snug and tight and none of my papers fell out.

  • I work at ZAGG and would like to chime in.

    We just became aware of this issue yesterday and have spent the past few hours coordinating our solution. Let me begin by saying the clasp was tested and works well with an invisible shield on your iPad. The shield keeps the lid of the ZAGGfolio from sliding around once closed. Without a shield however, the clasp just doesn’t work as well as we’d like. The spine (hinge) allows the lid to slide back and the shape of the clasp does nothing to prevent this. This movement makes the clasp less than ideal. A trade off was made in the design process in which we chose to not use snaps, velcro, rubber straps, large flaps, or any such bulky additions to keep the ZAGGfolio closed. We believe the resulting product looks fantastic and works amazingly well. But, the popping open of the ZAGGfolio for users without an invisibleSHIELD is unacceptable. So, today, we made a design change to the clasp that works great. It keeps the same attractive look but eliminates the opening problem.

    We had the option of choosing one of several methods to address this behavior. Provide free shields, tell you not to “hold it that way”, wait a few weeks to even acknowledge the behavior etc. Those options just aren’t appropriate for our amazing customers. It is my opinion that ZAGG’s 2 biggest assets are our customers and our support team. In order to provide the very best customer experience, we will be mailing new folios with improved closing mechanism (not the keyboard; hang on to those) to each and every person who bought the ZAGGfolio. You do not need to email us or call us, this will happen automatically in the next 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, keep enjoying your ZAGGfolio and the keyboard inside. It really is a great combination and will make a wonderful companion for your iPad.

    If the auto on/ off function is causing you troubles, please disable that until you get your improved folio. Just go to Settings-General- and iPad Cover Lock/ Unlock OFF.

    We apologize for the inconvenience this may be causing but hope our response has been swift and appropriate. You will be receiving an email detailing all this shortly.

  • Talk about great customer service! Just spoke with Zagg. They are aware of the clasp issues and are calling it a design defect. They are working on a redesigned case and will be shipping it out free of charge within a month. She told me to hang on to the existing case for now, and to make sure to keep the keyboard! The new case will only be the shell.

    Very prompt and courteous about the entire issue. Well done, Zagg.

  • jhrogersii

    Marlon- I am glad to hear that ZAGG has already stepped up and called you about this. It look like you, Natasha, and Richard should be covered by this. I understand that you are still concerned about the design. I don’t think anyone can blame you for being skeptical. Hopefully ZAGG will put this thing to bed with their redesigned clasp.

    ZAGG Representative- Thanks for joining the discussion. I am glad to see that you guys have stepped up to the plate to fix this issue. I was starting to see some frustration brewing in here, and rightfully so. I certainly hope that this change resolves the problems with closing the case once and for all.

    I’m not sure if I understand how the InvisibleShield, or lack thereof, is the culprit in all this, but I can say that I have a similar front and rear shield installed on my iPad 2, so maybe that does explain why mine worked, while others’ did not. Time will tell, I guess. I look forward to seeing the redesigned case.

    In the meantime, I will post an update to my review tonight detailing all of of this, so that readers don’t have to read through all of the comments to see what is going on.

    Thanks again to all of you for your participation!

  • Yes, it is strange that the invisibleSHIELD makes a difference, but the fact that the shield “grips” the silicone strip in the middle of the case makes all the difference. It prevents the top portion of the ZAGGfolio from sliding and disengaging the clasp. This is why some people have less of a problem than others. Either way, we want something that works perfectly for everyone and are implementing that change now. Thanks for your patience.

  • jhrogersii

    I just wanted to let everyone know that this review has been updated to take today’s events into account. Thank you all so much for commenting and participating in this discussion. Natasha, Richard, Marlon, and Paul- you guys have all helped to make ZAGG aware of their design problem, insuring that it will get fixed, and saving other customers down the road the same headaches.

    I realize that it shouldn’t have to be that way. ZAGG should have caught this problem themselves during their testing. However, I’ve also seen and experienced much worse corporate oversights than this, and also seen them handled much, MUCH worse, as well. I could tell you some nightmare stories, but I’ll spare you that.

    In my opinion, ZAGG has definitely done the right thing here, in the end. After some initial run-around from ZAGG tech support, I’m glad to see them treating all of you the way you should be treated- as valuable customers. Considering the quality of all of the ZAGG products that I have ever owned and/or reviewed, I am confident that their design changes will make the ZAGGfolio what it should be. I have a hard time believing that they will allow another mistake after their missteps with this launch.

    I will be posting a separate follow-up review of the new case design as soon as I get my hands on it. I will be sure to comment here so all of you know when it is up on the site. Thank you all again. We at iSource care about our readers, and really appreciate it when you take the time to interact with us, and let us know what is on your minds.

  • ZAGG,

  • jhrogersii

    Hello Arthur. Thanks for joining us. According to the statement above from a ZAGG representative, if you got it from them, they will contact you. I think they were only available for pre-order from other outlets, at this point. So, you should be ok, and should have a replacement in 4-6 weeks.

  • Rob

    Thanks for your thorough initial review of the ZAGGfolio and for helping drive resolution to the case closure issue. I just got my pre-orded ZAGGfolio in the mail today, and like the previous commenters, mine won’t stay closed either. For what it’s worth, I’m going to use a rubber band until ZAGG sends out the replacements.

    I’m having one other potential problem I wanted to run by you all. Somehow, both my down and right arrows do the same thing – they both move the cursor down one line and to the right one space. The up and left arrows work as intended, but I’m wondering if the wires are cross (literally or figuratively) for the down and right arrow. Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

    • jhrogersii

      Thanks Rob. I’m sorry that you are having keyboard issues, as well. That is the first I have heard of any, besides a rubber gasket coming off of Natasha’s. I would definitely call ZAGG about that one.

  • Amy Tracy

    The comments confused me. Will using this case damage my screen over time if I don’t have a sheild?

    • jhrogersii

      No. It shouldn’t. I always prefer and recommend one, myself, but that’s besides the point. The keyboard of the ZAGGfolio is what the screen rests on. It has rubber gaskets at the middle and back to prevent direct contact with the plastic keys.

      The issue is that, if the iPad doesn’t have a screen protector on, the iPad can slip enough that the clasp won’t keep the case closed. The slippage is happening on that rubber gasket, so there shouldn’t be any damage.

  • Let me try to address the comments since my last one.

    Arthur, it is correct you need to do nothing to get the new unit sent to you in a few weeks.

    Amy, the screen does not touch the keys. There is plenty of space between the screen and the keys.

    Rob, the arrow issue described above is one we have never seen on our keyboards including the ZAGGfolio. It could be the App you are using. I would test by typing in the notes app and testing it there. If you still experience the behavior, please call customer service. It is possible there is an issue with your specific keyboard.

    Natasha, please call customer service tomorrow and they should be able to help you one way or the other. Sorry for any confusion you have had so far. Our customer service department was unaware of the problem and our response until Friday afternoon, so that explains why things were a little confusing at first.

    Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and patience with this matter. Please enjoy your ZAGGfolios as they are now. The replacement folio portion will be sent soon. Also, please don’t discard your keyboard, you will still need that when the new folios arrive.

  • Natasha

    Thanks, ZAGG! I have a reminder on my phone to call tomorrow since I tried yesterday but didn’t realize you weren’t open Saturday. I hope I don’t confuse the ZAGG employee when I call though since it’s a lot of information haha.

    Does that mean you are sending everyone who pre-ordered the Zaggfolio the new one, without them having to do anything, like Arthur? And then they just return the one back that doesn’t work for them? Do you have any idea when we are supposed to get the email you were talking about earlier that addressed this? Sorry for all of the questions. College starts at the end of this month and I was hoping to use the ZAGGfolio during my classes.

  • Natasha. Yes, no need to do anything. The new one will be sent automatically. In your case, please call just to clarify your previous conversations with us.

    Also, there will be no need to send in your old folio. Just be sure to keep the keyboard and charging cable because we won’t be replacing those.

  • Mattyian


    If I purchase one now, will I get the updated design and if so, what should I expect for amount of time to ship? Thanks!

  • davidtraining

    I have been using my ZaggFolio for about four days. Love it, except the clasp issue. I was shocked by the email today from Zagg that they are sending me another one to fix the problem. I was ready to “live with it” so I am glad to see someone hasn’t lost the spirit of excellence. On a separate note I do wonder why there is no cut away hole to plug into the keyboard without sliding it forward to charge it? Every access point is available for the iPad but the one access I need to charge the keyboard is hidden by the cover. Strange?

  • Rob

    Thanks for replying, ZAGG. Unfortunately, the arrow problem occurs with every app I’ve tried, including Notes. I spoke with customer service today. Sounds like a fluke and that I’ll need a new keyboard. The gentleman I spoke with at customer service was incredible friendly and helpful. Between that call, the email I received today about the new cases, and your responsiveness here, I have been blown away by ZAGG’s customer service. Great to see a company stand behind its products like this. Well done.

  • Natasha

    Yes, I agree with Rob about ZAGG’s amazing customer service! I was very frustrated when I first got my ZAGGfolio since I was trying to get the clasp to work forever and then 1 of the rubber pieces of the keyboard fell off. But I’m thankful that you guys will be sending out the new and improved ZAGGfolios in 4-6 weeks. I cannot wait to use mine in college and at home!

    Also, jhrogersii, is there any way you can delete comments on here? I’d like to have my comment with my last name removed if that is not too much trouble since I called ZAGG and got everything worked out.

    • jhrogersii

      No problem, Natasha. It is already done.

  • I adore Zagg’s super customer care. They are ready to allow using full replacement program for Zaggfolio owners who desire. Other case manufacturers should learn a lot from them. We will continue buying from them in the future thanks to this positive attitude and … surely highly qualified products, especially for Apple.

  • Richard DeHaven

    ZAGG’s customer support is why I will continue to be their customer! They always seem to make things right 🙂

  • Jeff

    I understand that if you purchased your Zaggfolio through the website directly from Zagg, you will recieve a replacement. However, what if you purchased it from a retail outlet? What are our options there?

  • All,

    It’s been my pleasure to help. ZAGG really does have a special relationship with our customers. We know you are who keeps this company going and we love working with you.


    We gave this one some thought and for now have decided to send the old ones with a note explaining how we will be sending out replacements soon. This could change, but for now, we are sticking with it. We figured if we were customers, we’d rather have a great product doing everything 90% right for a month and then get the other 10% in a few weeks rather than waiting for a month to get anything at all.

  • David,

    This is one of those design trade-offs we made early on. Something you may not know is how infrequently you will need to charge your keyboard. You will likely only charge your keyboard about 6 times a year if you are a normal user. A heavy user may charge it a little more often. In order to get a charging cable all the way back to the USB opening on the keyboard, we would have needed a pretty large access hole that would possibly even need to make it down into the bottom of the folio portion. We figured sliding the keyboard out an inch a few times a year and having a cleaner appearance would be preferable to a large access hole that you would only use a few times a year. I liken it to the new gas covers on cars and such. Sure, there is an extra mechanism you need to push to fill your car up with gas. This is even before you get to the thing you need to twist to fill up your car. Yet, most people agree having this clean access door is worth the extra effort.

    Regarding the ZAGGfolio, if you feel strongly about having an access hole for charging, please let us know and we can consider it for future generations.



  • Jeff,

    The only retail location you may have purchased from would be a mall cart or kiosk. I think 😉 Assuming that’s where you bought yours, we plan on handling these through the specific retail location. If that’s an issue, please call our customer service department.

  • davidtraining

    Zagg, Great explanation as to why to charging hole. You are right. I assumed we would be charging it often. That makes sense. You know what they say about assumptions. Thanks for a great product that, as indicated, is well thought out.

  • Natasha

    Thanks, jhrogersii! I really appreciate you replying back to other people on here also! I don’t know why some bloggers or sites never reply back to users who comment with questions or concerns. So it’s nice to see you get back to everyone on here as well 🙂

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  • Chris

    I received my Zaggfolio today and am having the same problem described by many on this forum. I do have an InvisibleShield on my iPad 2, but the clasp still doesn’t hold the case closed. I have also received an email from Zagg stating they will be sending me a replacement within a few weeks. Their customer support is really good and I will continue to buy their products.

  • Rico

    Hi! I recently bought a zaggfolio, upon reading the thread of comments, zagg has mentioned about a replacement coming in a about 4 to 6 weeks. My problem is, i bought it online and asked it to be delivered to a releative’s house in the US who happens to be leaving by the end of the month to visit me in the Philippines. Will the new folios arrive at his house in time before he leaves? Can you give me another option in case it won’t? Thank you.

  • Jhrogersii

    Before I get to a couple of responses, I just wanted to let everyone in the comments know something. I am not going to reveal his name or email, but the person from ZAGG who has been cooresponding with us here in the comments is actually the designer of both theZAGGmate and the ZAGGfolio. I wanted to let everyone know this, because it is so rare and notable in my experience. In my line of work, product engineers and designers are always kept at a distance from vendors and customers. I usually find that there are one or two levels between me and them, and that it is extremely rare to get to directly interract with someone at that level.

    To me, him coming here shows a deep level of committment to customer service. This gentleman could have very easily handed the task of coming here and dealing with us off to a PR or technical support person. That is what most companies, big or small, would do. I think it says a lot that he came here to handle the situation himself, and that he has continued to answer several follow up questions after the fact. Kudos to ZAGG for turning a negative situation into one that has solidified their reputation in my eyes.

    With that out of the way:

    David- I can speak to the keyboard’s battery life. I have had the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case, which is a rebranded ZAGGmate for the iPad 2, since early May. I have charged it one time since then, and I have either drafted or written every post I have made on iSource with it, as well as performing several other tasks. The battery lasts so long that you don’t even think about and, and are surprised when you do have to charge it. I keep having to remind myself why I have the little USB cable in my laptop bag, because I keep forgetting what it’s for. That’s a good problem to have!

    Natasha- No problem at all. At iSource, we are here to help and interact with our readers. I love it when one of my posts get a discussion going. What’s the fun of writing about the tech stuff we love if no one is reading or responding. This is the good part! Thank you, and everyone else for taking part in this discussion. I hope you all will continue to do so.

  • Thanks for the kind words. I echo your sentiments. What fun is it to bring a product to market and not take the time to see what people think about it? Comments and suggestions really do help us improve the products and services we provide here at ZAGG.


    If you need your ZAGGfolio shipped somewhere specific, just check in with our customer service department and we can arrange it.

  • Barb W.

    hi – I just got my Zaggfolio in the mail today (8/3/11) and I love it, but am also having the issue with the clasp not keeping it shut. It immediately pops up. Other than that, it seems to be an excellent product. I have been very impressed with Zagg’s customer service. You guys are awesome, and I would recommend you to friends because of that. So, without having to read ALL the comments above, am I correct in assuming that I will just receive a new product in 4-6 weeks without having to do anything? One comment I saw said that the shipment would include a note saying that would happen. I didn’t receive a note like that. In fact, an invoice wasn’t even in the package. Thanks – a simple “yes you don’t need to do anything” would suffice! 🙂

    • jhrogersii

      Hey Barb. You’re fine. Everyone who has received a case should be getting a replacement in 4-6 weeks. If yours came from ZAGG, you don’t have to do anything.

  • Barb W.

    thanks so much! That’s amazing!

  • Rony

    I purchased a Zaggfolio and I’m eagerly waiting for my relative to bring it from US this week. I anticipate it will have the clasp issue, but I’m extremely pleased to see Zagg address the issue head on and provide real customer service. This is my first Zagg product, and if they follow through on their promise of a replacement, I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last purchase. Kudos Zagg!

  • Bart H.


    i am a little late but i hope i will still get a response.

    So i also have the latch problem but since it is getting resolved i have no problem with it.

    The problem i have is the following:
    i have an invisibleshield maximum coverage applied without the screen protector,(i like the feel of the glass) but it is almost impossible to remove the ipad from the case. the added grip from the back cover just holds it to tight in its place. I almost peeled of the corners of the rear protector when i tried removing the ipad from the case.

    does anyone also have this problem or is it just because it is still new?

    • jhrogersii

      Hey Bart. Great to hear from you.

      I actually had a similar make of wet-apply front and rear skins on when I was doing my review. There was some added resistance during removal, but it wasn’t a big issue. I just had to grip the device and pull it out in a straight line. I did have issues if I let the iPad tilt to one side or the other and get out of alignment, as that seemed to create a lot more friction with the skin.

      I haven’t tried using the ZAGGfolio with an Invisible Shield specifically, or with a rear protector only. Can anyone else speak from experience with either of these setups?

  • canadiand

    ZAGGFOLIO CLASP FIX. Zagg will send out a redesigned folio but in the meantime you can do this to fix the clasps not closing.

    For those of you who have clasps that don’t close properly (like me) you can easily have a temporary fix by sliding 2 layers of soft plastic CD covers (those portable sleeve type) side by side, with center overlap, under where the ipad2 attaches to the folio. This increases the thickness of the ipad to simulate the invisibleshield. After I did this, my clasp closes tightly and snaps into place as it was designed to do.

    • jhrogersii

      Cool. Thanks for the great tip, Canadiand. Sounds like a good solution to last those having issues the next few weeks until our replacement cases arrive.

  • yama

    Thank you very much for this reviews including updates.
    Recently I changed from Tunefolio to this ZAGGfolio and enjoyed for a while with the bluetooth keyboard, however, I found some issues or improvements other than those already talked in this site.
    I should buy the invisibleSHIELD full body to protect from any scratches and damage at the keyboard docking slot as I found recently some stains there. So I placed the transparent adhesive vinyl tape for the slot. Another improvement was to fit the removal handstrap to prevent accidental drops by removing it from Tunefolio. I found the earphone hole is available for the handstrap.
    Also I put an elastic band to keep the cover closed until the redesigned polio will reach to me.
    I will appreciate the ZAGG team to improve them as far as possible in the next version.
    Thank you,

  • Hey all. Glad I found this forum. I got my ZaggFolio today and had 2 issues right away, the 1st one being the latch issue we all have. BTW – I have the ZAGG InvShield SmudgeProof (non-fingerprint) model of iPad2 screen protector and it does nothing to help keep the latch closed.

    My 2nd issue hasn’t been mentioned here at all, and it is…

    The hole in the ZaggFolio for the earphone jack is mis-aligned – the jack (hole in the iPad2) and the hole in the case to let the earphone jack be plugged in don’t exactly line up. I can force my phones jack into the hole through the case, but it should be exact and not have to be forced through a mis-aligned hole in the case.

    Anyone else having this issue?? My hope is that when the newly-designed folio comes in the mail, that the headphone jack hole lines up better (i.e. perfectly). Kudos to Zagg for addressing this flaw and making it right for all of us.

    Thx. Dustin.

    • jhrogersii

      Hey Dustin. Thanks for letting us know about your issues. I have not had any issues with the earphone cutout on mine, and no one else has reported that here. Hopefully yours is a rare case. I would go ahead and call ZAGG support and let them know. Hopefully the new one you are getting will solve this for you.

  • Bart H.

    hey jhrogersii,

    i contacted zagg about the added resistanse and they told me this is normal.

    The ZAGGFolio is not designed to use with a back cover, only with a screen protector.

    since you did not have a big problem removing the ipad from the case my guess is that the Invisibleshield back cover is a little thicker than the version u use.

    So a little warning to everyone who wants to buy this.
    When an invisibleshield back cover is used you can damage the shield because the fit is very tight, also is the ipad nearly impossible to remove you really have to pull it very hard.
    also as stated above, my headphone cutout does not line up but i think this is because of the added thickness of the back cover.

  • jhrogersii

    Hello again, Bart. I guess that all makes sense. I was using a BestSkinsEver rear skin for the iPad, and while the fit was snug, it worked fine. They are very reasonable priced, especially for a rear skin only, so you may want to check them out.

  • D.

    I share Robin A’s interest of using the ZaggFolio folded backwards so the iPad could be used as a tablet. Could you post a photo of this?

    I realize that the iPad could be taken out of the ZaggFolio, but after having a ZaggMate for a while, I’ve found that there are times when I need to use the iPad as a tablet and have no place to put the ZaggMate (I’m not in the habit of placing it on the ground 🙂

    On another topic, have you had the opportunity to see the light flash when the ZaggFolio is almost out of power? I’ve had to charge my ZaggMate twice so far and have never seen it flash (Maybe it’s because I usually let it go into sleep mode instead of turning it on and off? Will the ZaggFolio act the same way?)

    Thnx – D.

    • jhrogersii

      Thanks for stopping in, D. I’m afraid I can’t help with new pictures at the moment. I just posted a review of ZAGG’s LEATHERskins, which I have been trying out for a couple of weeks. I can’t get my iPad 2 back into my ZAGGfolio right now while this skin is still on. I can tell your that, while the iPad 2 is usable in this configuration, it is awkward. The plastic top and bottom sections have nothing to keep them from sliding around on each other. This, coupled with the cloth hinge make it unstable to use like this.

      I have not seen the light flash on my ZAGGfolio keyboard. I did see it once on my Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case. I would assume that this keyboard would act in a similar manner. Can anyone else confirm this?

  • Sorry, I have been away for a few days. To answer the question about the ZAGGfolio working with shields on the back, we all have them here and they work fine. It is definitely snug, but we haven’t had any issues. Wait until you get the replacement before giving up on your back shield. You may have a tight ZAGGfolio.

    Regarding the headphone jack, we have decided to make the opening slightly larger and to remove the little edge piece. This will allow you to open and close the ZAGGfolio with headphones still plugged in.

    All the ZAGG keyboard products have the same method of warning people about a low battery. The status light should flash at you when it gets low to give you some warning.

  • D.


    Thanks for the info on the flashing light, I probably just missed it then.

    I had pre-ordered a ZAGGFolio from a well known (non-ZAGG) site. I’m curious to see if they are going to wait to send the new version or send the old one (I have the front and back invisibleShields so I’m not overly worried about the latching issue)

    //Signed, D. (A soon to be ZAGGFolio owner)

  • D.


    ZAGG’s ZAGGFolio Facebook site states: “(…) this product has a feature so hot that our lawyers won’t let us post about it yet…”

    Now that the product has been released, can either of you shed some light on what the hot feature mentioned is?

    Thnx – D.

  • yama

    Thank you for this site. I visit here often. Upon the ZAGG decision on the opening for the headphone jack(August 17 as talked above), please think that this opening will be kept to fit a removal handstrap as it is.
    Again,please do not remove any edge piece so as to hook a split or bent ring to fit a removal handstrap. Thank you.

  • Iola

    love this site. just got my zaggfolio and already loving it. but i got one problem my keyboard up, down, left and right keys not working at all i tried note app and other but no luck. can anyone help me with that i see some one have that problem before am i the only second person got this problem. please help me

  • Ravi

    I love the zagg folio Even the keyboard is more ergonomic than the one one my 12 inch laptop. My wife told me that a Keyboard did not make sense for the Ipad. After getting t he zagg folio, I don’t know how i lived without one. Kudos to the designers of the Zagg Folio and customer service for taking care of the problem.

    My only issue with the zagg folio is that the zagg invisible shield on the ipad repeatedly peals or gets wrinkled along the edge that is inserted into the keyboard.

    Any thoughts or suggestions.

    • jhrogersii

      Hmmm. That’s two people who have had issues with the rear Invisible Shield brand skin. However, our friend from ZAGG who has been answering our questions in this thread said that most, if not all of their internal testers are have front and rear skins and are having no problems. I didn’t have any issues with mine, but they were from a different manufacturer. Hopefully the redesigned model will work better.

  • Tom

    Hi – this forum is great – good to hear about this issue, and Zagg’s designer’s responses.

    I bought the ZAGGfolio August 14, from a mall kiosk (outside an Apple store) immediately before leaving on a 2 week vacation. Loved the ZF, but unfortunately discovered the clasp issue and couldn’t use the case.
    I thought I had a unique problem. Calling the kiosk folks, they didn’t mention any issue. (And, being 2 weeks and 2 days after purchase, they gave us a hard time about returning it.)
    We called Zagg today, and a rep mentioned that a case redesign was underway, and expected in about 2 months.

    I’m looking forward to a fixed clasp, because the ZF is truly brilliant.
    I’m still not sure exactly HOW I will get the new case – it seems like the kiosk is not owned by Zagg.
    I guess we “retail” buyers should call Zagg and try to get on their list.

  • Tom

    P.S. I too had odd behavior with the arrow keys. I don’t recall exactly what the problem was, since I haven’t used it much since the first day. I’ll check it out again – but I definitely noticed a problem.

  • Hello all. I keep checking here to seen if there is any further news as to EXACTLY when the new, redesigned ZaggFolio outer cases will be shipped… it looks like about 2 months still?

    To “yama” who made the comment about the headphone jack hole being used as a place to attach a handstrap 8/22 above… your thought is poorly communicated. In other words, I simply do not understand what you are saying. It SEEMS like you are saying that you personally attach a “handstrap” (whatever that is) to your iPad through the headphone jack hole on the ZaggFolio, and that you don’t want them to re-design the headphone jack hole so that YOU can continue to attach a “handstrap” through that hole. If that is true, I would say that you are likely 1 of VERY few people who do this, vs. ALL of the users who need to use the hole for what it was designed for… namely inserting HEADPHONES whether the iPad case is open or closed. The headphone jack hole absolutely needs to be fixed, since it does not give enough clearance for the headphone jack, and if removing the small edge piece is one way to get more clearance for the headphone jack, then so be it. To ask for the hole to be kept the in same (largely unfunctional) state so you can attach something that was never intended is probably a bit short-sighted and hopefully won’t be considered with much weight by the people at ZAGG.

    ANOTHER ISSUE HAS EVOLVED – after less than 1 month’s use, the faux-carbon fiber applique covering the outside of the Folio case is beginning to peel off at one of the corners (by the headphone jack). The other corners seem destined to follow suit, as the edges of the faux material applique feel rough and seem very likely to start peeling up soon. Any thoughts ZAGG on how to avoid this on the re-design?

    Thanks everyone. Great forum with much-needed info.

  • Luisito

    Just wanted to comment on the second part of dsamuel24’s posting. I too have noticed what seems like the carbon fiber outer casing starting to come off the edges particularly the corners and anywhere where there is a tight angle. There are these white-ish fibers (like thread) that you can sometimes pick on and pull out because they have come off the inside of the casing. And because these fibers are white-ish … it is quite noticeable against the black casing. Anyone else noticed this???

    On the ship date: I emailed customer service and they said that the newly redesigned case is scheduled to ship in 2-4 weeks (versus the original 4-6 weeks).

    • jhrogersii

      I hope this is not another chronic issue. I have been using the keyboard since I got it, but I did a LEATHERskins review right after this one, and I still have it on. So, I haven’t been able to use the case since that. I will be removing the LEATHERskin when I get the newly designed case so I can try it out for my follow-up review.

      If anyone else can speak to the carbon fiber covering and how it wears over a few weeks, we would all love to hear it.

  • Regarding Ravi’s comment on 8/27 where the ZAGG InvShield being “in the way” when the iPad is inserted into the ZaggFolio, and also regarding jhrogersii’s reply about the BACK InvShield…

    I have the “Smudge Proof” version if the ZAGG InvShiled for iPad2 (the one that costs more and resists fingerprints with a matte type finish vs. the more gloss finish of the standard InvShield) and although it is not marketed as a “case friendly” shield, it certainly IS case friendly, as it comes nowhere close to the edge of the iPad’s screen edge. My Smudge Proof iPad2 InvShield is way out of the way when I insert it into the ZaggFolio, so maybe the traditional (glossy) InvShield is a bit larger than the Smudge Proof version, or maybe you (Ravi) have the shield installed a bit off-center and might be causing your own issue due to non-exact installation. And as far as jhrogersii’s reply… it was pretty clear that Ravi was addressing the FRONT shield getting in the way when the iPad is inserted into the Folio, not a back shield, and yet your response was directed at the back shield you have on. Unless I read your reply wrong?

    NOTE: The Smudge Proof InvShield is GREAT at resisting fingerprints and therefore does not need to be cleaned anywhere near as often as the glossy original version to look nice, BUT… it greatly reduces the sharpness and overall viewing pleasure of the gorgeous iPad2 screen/display. It’s even worse on my iP4 where the Retina display is rendered USELESS as to it’s higher res benefits with the Smudge Proof InvShield on it. So much so that I am about to peel it off and spend another $20 and go back to the glossy original InvShield for my iP4. I am resigned to leaving the Smudge Proof InvShield on my iPad2 due to its great fingerprint resistance. Just though you’d all like to know that there is a substantial trade-off between the two InvShield choices – beautiful viewing w/lots of cleaning (original glossy) vs. virtually NO cleaning but with greatly reduced display resolution (smudge proof).

  • Josh

    Zagg is REALLY slow to ship! Expect it to take them over a week to even ship your item!

  • yama

    Dear the ZAGG Team,
    I will appreciate ZAGG for the best efforts to keep the customer satsifaction.
    Please keep the headphone jack hole as a hole or please provide the same shape of hole so as to fasten(fit) a ring for a handstrap at the other place.

    As the body of ZAGGfolio is made of a carbon fiber and the
    edge of the headphone jack hole is thick and tough, it will not cause damage of collapse at the hole edge, I suppose, to support the own weight.

    I think we need such a hole to provide a strap against the
    accidental drop of this equipment.

    Please, please leave it as it is and do not remove the small edge piece and keep it a hole.
    Moreover, I have a bluetooth headphone set, therefore I will not use it for the headphone jack hole.

    I am looking forward to receiving the ZAGGfolio clasp fixed
    in a near future.

    Thank you in advance,

  • This is a very detailed review. The clasp issue is a bother and the only real fault I find with the ZAGGfolio. Let’s hope ZAGG acts fast in their replacement of defective keyboard folios.

  • Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve had a moment to drop in on this forum. The replacements have been shipping the past few days and should be complete next week. I’m confident you will love the new clasp. When finished using, just push the bottom of your ipad back and let it close naturally. It will give a nice solid, reassuring click and close nice and tight.

    We did choose to remove the edge piece for the headphone jack. This was a near universally appreciated move. I understand the idea of using the hole as a way to attach a strap or something, but I think if I wanted to attach a strap, I would run it through the spine area. When closed, the strap would not come out and the case is much stronger there than relying on a small piece of plastic.

    Regarding Invisible shields coming off the back of the iPad, I’m guessing the shield may have had a corner come up before using the ZAGGfolio and it just got snagged sliding in and out. If you have a perfectly installed shield, it should not compete with the ZAGGfolio at all. Of course, they do have a lifetime warranty, so if you had one peel off, please call our customer service department and let us send you a replacement. Please let the new invisibleSHIELD dry a day or two just to be sure it is on solid.

    The arrow keys work as well as Apple lets them. iOS does not respond to arrows except in text boxes and some apps written specifically for them. So, if you are using notes, you’ll see they work. You’ll also see it in text boxes (like the address bar in Safari). But they don’t work to scroll through Safari. This is not a limitation of the keyboard, but rather the operating system. Apple may change that some day; it would not be difficult in a software update. Until then, we’ll have to live with the limitations. By the way, you can test the usefulness of various keys like the arrows by pairing it to a laptop and noticing the arrows work more like you expect.

    Finally, if you bought a ZAGGfolio at a mall kiosk, you may go there to get your replacement. I’d wait about 10 more days before making the trip. If you call our customer service department, we can help out that way if it is more convenient.

    Take care,


  • canadiand

    Sweet, I just received an email from ZAGG that my replacement ZF is in the mail. Great job guys!

    • jhrogersii

      I got mine too. I will be posting a follow up review as soon as I get it next week. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts when you all get yours, as well.

  • Jay

    This is outside of the topic regarding the clasp. I’ve recently had to get a replacement for my keyboard because it seems to disconnect when it is on standby/sleep. It sometimes turn back on after opening my iPad, but for some reason, when the keyboard is on sleep mode and has not been used, such as overnight, it does not connect to the iPad. I’ve had to turn off the keyboard and bluetooth on the iPad then turn them back on again just to reconnect. The replacement keyboard seem to be behaving the same way. So, I’m wondering, has anyone else had this problem of reconnecting to the iPad when the keyboard has not been used for a few hours?

  • I also just rec’d an email that my re-designed replacement ZaggFolio case is on the way! Cool & thanks ZAGG!

    I’m anxious to see the new headphone jack hole, and I’m glad it’s been opened up to make it more functional for its designed purpose. (To hear “yama” tell it, the headphone jack hole is really a handstrap attachment hole and everyone in the world should use it solely to secure a handstrap since HE has a bluetooth headset. I’m sorry… not trying to pick on our friend with broken English – his/her perspective is just really, genuinely funny to me. No offense intended.) 🙂

    Anyway, the 3 things I am anxious to see on the new case are:
    1) Of course, the clasp
    2) Better aligned headphone jack hole
    3) Any improvement in the faux-carbon fiber applique

    According to “ZAGG” (David, the employee/designer), the clasp and headphone hole have both been improved. Cool. I’m guessing that there probably wasn’t a fresh look taken at the faux-carbon fiber applique, since the peeling-up problems have just started to manifest and the re-design of the Folio case was probably well under way (if not finished) by the time these comments were made on this chat room. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If the worst issue on the new case is having to super glue a corner or two back down, that’s not a huge thing IMO, especially if the clasp works as well as David says it does.

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  • jhrogersii

    Hello everyone. Thanks again for all of you taking the time to post your questions and comments here. I just wanted to let you all know that I got my redesigned ZAGGfolio case today, and posted a quick follow-up review here:


    I would love to hear what you guys think when you get yours. I personally found the redesign to be a significant improvement. The case closes securely now, and mine doesn’t move at all once the clasp clicks and engages.

    The slightly altered headphone jack cutout seems to be another nice touch that should make some of you very happy, but possibly a couple of you not so happy since it is no longer enclosed. I guess you can’t please everyone, all of the time.

    Anyway, thanks again to everyone, and I hope to hear from all of you in the new review thread.

  • Just got mine yesterday (9/15/2011). Haven’t put it thru its paces yet, but from what I can see with my keyboard and iPad2 installed, and opening and closing it a few times… IT WORKS GREAT!!

    I am very impressed with the re-design so far. Love the clasp, and as jhrogersii wrote above, it closes very securely and stays closed very tightly. The headphone jack hole is also a vast improvement… I hadn’t envisioned removing the straight piece that enclosed the hole, but it works very well now to give full & complete access to have headphones plugged it without any contact with the case.

    My only concern now is how long the carbon fiber applique will stay attached. I’m trusting it will work well for a long time.

    THANKS ZAGG! Great move on your part, and fast process & shipping for what you had to undertake to get this done. I appreciate it.


  • jhrogersii

    Yes. It is a big improvement. I have been carrying my iPad in the ZAGGfolio for two days solid, and I love it. It feels so much more solid in the hand.

  • Luisito

    LOVE my new redesigned ZAGGfolio!!!!
    Thanks ZAGG!!! :))))

  • Jay

    Got my new Zaggfolio as well, and it definitely is a major improvement from the old clasp. I love carrying it around! It’s solid, especially with the InvisibleShield in place. I’m still having issues with the keyboard not connecting after a few hours of non-use, so I’d like to know if this is something that everyone else is experiencing.

  • Ravi

    Just received my replacement ZaggFolio. Seems to have taken care of the clasp issue. Anybody know if you are supposed to return the old one.

  • @Jay – I don’t know if you’re experiencing the same I experience, but if you are, your keyboard is not broken, but rather functioning exactly as designed. After some minutes (and certainly hours) of non-use, the keyboard goes into a “sleep” mode (not OFF, but just idle) and it takes several keystrokes to wake it. This is as designed, to save power. I always have to hit the first number in my iPad password 3-6 times before the keyboard wakes up, connects with the iPad and starts actually working to place the numbers of my password into the boxes on the iPad screen. If you are having other issues, I have no idea, but if your keyboard is working as described above, it’s fine.

    @Ravi – No, it was communicated in an earlier post that you don’t need to return the old one. Keep it in case the new one gets lost, broken, stolen, or abducted by aliens. Or throw it away. 🙂

  • Jay

    @Dsamuel24–I understand that the keyboard goes into Sleep Mode, and at times, after a few minutes of non-use, it will turn back on once I hit a key…the issue is when the keyboard is not in-use for longer periods, such as overnight, it tends to disconnect. I’ve tried what you said by hitting a few keys and even waiting a few minutes to see if it reconnects, but it doesn’t so I have to connect manually. It’s a bit annoying having to manually reconnect over and over again. I’m hoping our friend from Zagg is able to read this so he can provide some insight.

  • Hello ZAGG customer,

    I”m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing an issue with the pairing of your keyboard on your ZAGGfolio. This is not something that I’ve heard of before and would like to find a resolution for you.

    When you are finished using your ZAGGfolio and iPad, do you manually turn off your iPad or do you let the folio automatically put it in sleep mode? Do you shut off the keyboard to your ZAGGfolio when you’ve finished using it?

    I hope that we can resolve this issue for you soon.

    All the best,


    • Jay

      Any solutions? See my response to your question below. Thanks!

  • Jay

    Hi Sharlee,

    I don’t turn off the keyboard; I allow it to go into sleep mode. A few minutes of non-use will usually pair the iPad and the keyboard, usually in a couple of seconds. In the morning though, I usually have to turn the keyboard off and the bluetooth off from the iPad, then reconnect manually–I turn on the keyboard, then turn the bluetooth on from the iPad, then I press on Zagg Keyboard then press on on Connect from the keyboard so they can pair up.

    As you can see, it gets frustrating especially when you want to shoot an email real quick.

    Hope the explanation helps.


    • Mike Morrison

      I have this same problem. I frequently have to reconnect. I have not determined a patern. Frustrating. I do turn off my iPad with the button on the side. Go down the hall to a meeting, only to have to reconnect again. I do love the Zagfolio, though! The new clasp works great!

      • jhrogersii

        I do have to reconnect more often than I would like. I am guessing that this is an over-aggressive battery saving feature. I just wish that, if this is the case, it could be adjusted.

        • Jay

          Have any of you heard of any solutions regarding this issue? I’m still having the same problem.
          @jhrogersii: Maybe a buddy of yours from ZAGG can help?

  • Regina Dunroven

    So…have all the issues been resolved? I am a new iPad2 user and looking for something like the zaggfolio but am worried about how it is working with the invisishield and the cover closing properly.

    • jhrogersii

      Yes, the clasp issue was fully resolved. I use my new one every day.

  • Paul Rose

    I am interested in buying a ZAGGfolio, but can’t find one in the stores anywhere. Of all days to go shopping for one, I picked “Black Friday” (never again). I went to seven different stores listed on ZAGG’s web cite and could not find a one. I always like to see what I’m buying before I actually purchase it. I’m funny that way!
    I noticed that the web cite listed several different colors and two or three that were leather. I even noticed that there were three different color combinations listed for keyboard layout. When trying to view the keyboard colors, you get a great view of the back of the ZAGG with only a slight hint of the keyboard and what the colors look like. I like choices when it comes to colors for accessories for my iPad, but the web cite leaves a lot to be desired here. Is there someplace I can go to look at an actual ZAGG?
    Paul R.

    • jhrogersii

      I have seen plenty of the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard by ZAGGs in stores, but I have never seen a ZAGGfolio anywhere locally.

      The case and keyboard combos are actually fairly new. I ordered an Alligator style leather case last week.

  • Gillian

    Does anyone know if the origianl iPad fits in this?

    • jhrogersii

      I’m sorry, but it does not. The ZAGGmate is still available, however.

  • Darcy Dick

    Great review and followup. Kudos to all!

    I just got an iPad 2 yesterday for my birthday, and the ZAGGfolio looks very promising. What protective covers do you guys recommend? Which screen protector? I’ll be pulling the pad out of the folio quite a bit.

    The folio is already more than I’d hoped to spend on a cover, so I’m hoping to keep costs down on the other accessories.


    • jhrogersii

      BestSkinsEver are made from the same material as InvisibleShields, but are much cheaper. They also hold up very well. I would recommend them as a great value option.

  • Darcy

    Excellent – thanks!

  • Bullandbaron

    I have purchased for the iPhone 3GS before just don’t last long and a waste of money. I later got sucked in and purchased one for iPhone 4s and it was even worse. It tore on the edge. Once put in pocket and it gets a little fluff the plastic is ruined and starts peeling. Don’t buy these. Also the warranty for Australia costs 94$ fit shipping and $24 for the product again. I installed these both correctly and with no bubbles exactly as instructions say. The advertising is full of shit and I am embarrassed to say that I was dumb enough to fall for this product.

    • jhrogersii

      I’m sorry to hear that. Frankly, I’m not surprised, though. I think this product is a much better fit for a tablet device that isn’t in a pocket and being used ALL the time. Even plastic stick-on protectors eventually wear from being in a pocket or hip case, in my experience.

      However, the I used both held up well for me on my iPad. Like I said, though, that is a very different use case than what you are talking about with phones.

  • Meredith

    Hi all,

    This is by far the best review/forum for a case/keyboard combo, so good job to every contributor! I think I’m pretty clear on the topic of using extra protection with the case, but I’d like a little more clarification on the smart cover pairing (I apologize if this was answered, I did try to look through all the posts first).

    Can the smart cover remain attached while in the case or is it more a situation where you have the smart cover ready to snap on if you want to use it as a tablet or a second stand?

    On a slightly unrelated note, do you know of any good blogs/sites with suggestions of the best/different ways to use your iPad 2 (or have your own suggestions)? I’m an in-house graphic/web designer but currently am not freelancing much (i.e. not traveling or in coffee shops very often) at the moment so I really don’t know when I’d use the keyboard. Obviously I could use the iPad for books, news, other entertainment, but I’d love to find other uses for it so I really get my gift-giver’s money’s worth 🙂 I wouldn’t really use it AT work as I have a great Mac and my meetings aren’t really the note-taking variety… I’ve done a number of google searches for some direction, but you and the other participants here really seem to know your stuff. (I know it seems I may not NEED the keyboard, but I’ve always been one to “overpack”… Why stop with a pretty new piece of technology like this?)


    – Meredith

  • Joel

    Just received my ZAGGfolio and the Q W E R U I O P are not working. All other keys are functioning. Has anyone had this issue? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • donna.crawford@nchmd.org

    Does anyone have this in the purple? I love purple, but this doesn’t look like purple on my computer screen. What kind of purple is this? Grape purple, plum purple, Barney purple? It looks really dark in the pictures. I once bought a phone case online, and it ended up being so dark you couldn’t tell it was purple unless you were in very bright light.
    I know this may sound trivial, but I don’t want to end up having to send it back.
    Thanks to all for the wonderful reviews. I will definitely be getting one of Zaggs products soon.

  • Oscar

    Do you think that the Zagg/Logitech keyboard would be able to be fit into a ZaggFolio case?

    From the picture it looks like the ZaggFolio keyboard is a little bit smaller, but it’s hard to tell.

    I ask because I already bought the Logitech keyboard but I’d really like something that can protect the back of the iPad as well. (Right now I’m just planning on getting a neoprene sleeve to keep both the iPad and keyboard case in).

    • jhrogersii

      Unfortunately, no. The ZAGGkeys Solo has thin, flat edges that slide under the lip of the case. The raised edges of the Logitech case won’t fit under the lip. I fear that if you cut or altered it, it would then end up being too thin. That, and you would ruin the resale value.

      If you really want the ZAGGfolio, my advise for what it’s worth, would be to sell your Logitech Keyboard now for what you can get. The announcement of the iPad 3 is coming soon, and the value of your device will drop at that point. Then, you might hold off just a bit and see if the price of the iPad 2 ZAGGfolio drops after the iPad 3 comes out. If you play your cards right, you could end up with close to an even swap. Good luck.

  • Kathleen

    Hi – I’m thinking of buying the Zaggfolio for the iPad3, based on your review here for the 2. I’m concerned though that in their advertising I only see the wifi version of the iPad being used, and I don’t see the edge of the case that would be where the 4G antennae would reside. Did you try the iPad2 version with a 3G iPad? Do you know if the design of the case blocks the antennae and/or in any way hinders the 3G (and therefore 4G of the new one) from performing at anything less than full capacity? Apologies if someone asked this earlier in the thread. Thx!

    • jhrogersii

      I had a Verizon 3G version iPad 2, and I never had any issues with signal being blocked. You should be fine.

      If you have checked the ZAGG site recently, you have already seen this, but be sure to order the latest version of the ZAGGfolio for the New iPad. It is slightly thicker than the iPad 2.

  • jhrogersii

    I just got my new iPad (3rd Gen) less than an hour ago. I decided to see if the iPad 2 version of the ZAGGfolio would fit. To my surprise, it did! Bear in mind that this is without screen protectors on either the front or the back, as mine haven’t arrived yet.

    While the fit is a little snug going in, I was actually surprised at how easily it fit into place. Pulling itsurprising hits a bit more difficult, however, considering how easily it installed. As long as you patiently wiggle it, and free it up on the underside a bit, it comes out without too much trouble.

    So, if you keep you iPad naked, the original ZAGGfolio case will work just find for you. If, like me, you install any type of screen and/or back protection, you will need the new version designed for the new iPad.

  • Traci

    I am loving my ZAGGfolio! That keyboard is amazing — no issues, quickly connects to bluetooth, feels like the real thing. I am also very impressed with the customer service that ZAGG provides. This will definitely be a company that others should learn from regarding leadership and customer service.

    Thanks ZAGG!

  • John Carlson

    I will be picking up a Zagg folio for my I-pad 3 tomorrow. I’m very pleased with customer service at Zagg. I’ve learned this vicariously by reading this forum. Costco and Zagg has the right idea! Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • Bruce Trost

    I ordered the Zaggfolio for my new Ipad on March 12th. My order initially stated that it would ship between the 16th – 18th of March. This would have been nice since I received my new Ipad right on time on the 16th. Since then (after several attempts at contacting customer support via email) I received an email that due to overwhelming demand my Zaggfolio would not be shipped until 6-8 April. It is now the 11th of April and I just received a shipping confirmation from ZAGG. If you need your case any time soon – don’t expect it from ZAGG. I hope they get their act together (and I hope it was worth waiting over a month for).

  • walker

    what are the best apps to use with the zaggfolio? I have docs to go but it does not comply

  • ross

    I am using the blue tooth keyboard with my Samsung Galaxy 10 inch. All of a sudden it will not charge either through the computer or an electrical outlet. Have only had since January so the battery cannot not be outdated. Has anyone had difficulty with the keyboard?

    • jhrogersii

      I haven’t seen this issue before, and I’ve owned or tested at least 4 different ZAGG keyboards. However, this sounds like either a faulty keyboard, or somehow the battery got shorted out.

  • Eileen

    I love the design of the ZAGGfolio, but am now on my third one from Amazon. The first two each had a key that would stick. This one has seemed fine, but now has begun also to have a key that is sticking. I haven’t had any trouble with the clasp, bluetooth, smart case aspects – any of the other issues that have been posted here. I really love this case, but am wondering if I should give up on it, as this is the third case in a row with a sticking key. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a way to fix the key instead of returning the whole unit? Thanks.