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Apple Seeds: Sprint Feeling the Pinch of Not Carrying the iPhone, Apple Adjust Packaging for Lion, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Sprint Feeling the Pinch of Not Carrying the iPhone

TUAW is reporting that Sprint just released their earnings, and their not doing so great. Remember, they are the only remaining carrier not carrying the iPhone, who isn’t being bought by AT&T (T-Mobile joke). Overall Sprint gained 1.1 million new users, but lost 101,000 of them. So there’s that. [Read More]

Apple Changes Packaging on Existing Macs to Reflect the Release of Lion

Since the release of Lion, Apple has changed their packaging on their existing Mac lines to reflect the release. Mac packaging now shows the default Lion desktop as compared to the previous Snow Leopard default desktop image. Also, Apple no longer ships restore disks of any kind with their computers, which could prove to problematic in the future. [Read More]

Apple to Open Second Glendale, California Store 500 Feet Away from the Original

This Saturday Apple will be opening their second Glendale, California store, but it’s only located 500 feet away from the original Glendale store. Remember, the first Glendale store was Apple second retail store ever built, and was opened May 19th, 2001. [Read More]

EA Says iPad is Their Fastest Growing Platform

IndustryGamers is reporting that EA has stated that their fastest growing platform is the iPad, in which they are putting out new software for every 90 days. Dedicated video game consoles only make up 40% of their business. [Read More]

OS X Found to be Infringing on S3 Patents

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is infringing on patents held by S3, due to their use of NVIDIA graphics chips. [Read More]

Apple Now Top Smartphone Manufacturer in US

Nielsen is reporting that Apple is now the top smartphone manufacturer in the US. [Read More]

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