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Camera+ for iPhone updated to 2.2.3

My fave all-in-one iPhone camera app Camera+ has just received an update (2.2.3) which is mention-worthy for its unique update notes. As expected the updated app solves crashing issues caused, and I quote: “by Facebook diverging from their API specification… oh, Zuckerberg :-)“ and introduces “compatability with that upcoming OS That Must Not Be Named“. I love it when devs show humour!

For the uninitiated, Camera+ is noted as one of the best camera apps for the iPhone, and this means a lot faced with so much competition. It is my go-to app of choice for taking pics; it just does what it’s supposed to – helps you take great pics!

There’s not enough space here to discuss the various features, but let me just share 3 things that won me over. Firstly, there’s a button called Clarity that does just that, with one tap lightens up a photo (see below the before and after example) – wonderful feature.

Secondly, the app includes many many effects filters that make it really hard to settle on just one.

Thirdly, the app does it all – cropping, rotating, borders, digital zoom, flash, to mention just a few. A great toolkit to create great pics.


Camera+ can be purchased from the App Store for $1.99 / €1,59 (iTunes link)


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