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Review: Sennheiser PX 200-II i Stereo Headphones

The Sennheiser PX 200-II i suffer from an incredibly stupid naming convention, but that doesn’t stop them from being a fantastic pair of portable headphones. They’re light and durable, produce some kick ass sound and minor sound isolation, and even include a slim in-line remote and microphone.

I’m so in love with the sound of the comfort that these headphones offer that I’ve been using them with my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. The long 1.8 m cable is very helpful while I’m at my MacBook, and although it is a little long for those times I walk around with my iPhone in my pocket, it isn’t unmanageable.
In situations where the headphones are not in use, it takes only seconds to fold them up and put them in my laptop bag (the PX 200 IIs came with a cloth carrying pouch, but I have neglected to use it).


I always get a little bit antsy talking about sound quality and headphones because I’m not very comfortable with the jargon. For what it’s worth, these headphones seem to deliver very clear highs and mids, without overdoing it on the bass. The foam pads also help with noise isolation when walking on the streets or riding public transport, but I have found that I need to crank the volume up to about 50% to enjoy music in noisy areas (I normally stay at around 25%).

Remote and microphone

The in-line remote on the PX 200-II i is the complete package, and I love how the volume buttons and the play button are on different levels so that you can differentiate them by feel. The real surprise here, however, is how fantastic the microphone on the PX 200-II i is. Unlike many other earphones and headphones with built-in microphones, the PX 200-II i features a microphone that doesn’t need to be held up right to your face. You can simply let the wire hang naturally and trust the microphone to pick up all the sound. I use this microphone at my computer for dictating text, as well as for Skype calls, and haven’t heard any complaints about the sound quality. It’s a mighty good mic.



As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been using the PX 200-II i both on the go and at my desk, and have found it perfectly comfortable to use for hours of time. I do experience a light ache after four or five hours, but that’s nothing that a 20 minute break doesn’t fix. I can also confirm that the PX 200-II i can be used during workouts, but I don’t plan on making a habit out of doing so, for fear of stinking up the foam padding with sweat.

I have also taken the PX 200-II i out during long walks and have noticed that the steel band that holds the entire frame together can get quite warm. You don’t feel the temperature of the steel band when you’re actually wearing the PX 200-II i, but it’s definitely noticeable when you take the headphones off of your head and hang them from your neck.


I’m extremely happy with my PX 200-II i and have nothing but praise for its sleek design, awesome remote and microphone, wonderful fit, and great sound. The only real problem is that it can be difficult to find out which PX 200-II model to buy (the other versions have a much larger in-line remote). My particular model is the PX 200-II i with the lowercase “i” at the end, and it’s probably easiest to find on Amazon.com for about $110.

The Sennhesier PX 200 II i was bought by the author for review on iSource. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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  • John Moody

    Thanks….will give it a try

  • they’re great headphones only issue is they cover your ears so well that you can’t hear yourself talking – so when I’m on a skype or voip call I end up having to skew one of the ear pieces away from my ear so I can hear what’s going on – else awesome – simple cord into one ear phone is totally hassle free compared to stuff I’ve used in the past

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