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Apple To Introduce “iTunes Replay” to Offer Move Re-Downloads and Streaming

itunes10logo380.jpgIt has been rumored for some time that Apple was working on an on-demand video service that would allow a user to either stream or download the video content they had already purchased from iTunes. Now a report from AppAdvice has surfaced claiming that just such a service is indeed on the way.

AppAdvice describes “iTunes Replay” as an extension of what Apple is currently doing with iCloud, and music re-downloads. The report also notes that the biggest hold up at the moment for this feature, is the licensing agreements between Apple and the content providers.

Just the other day Apple updated the Apple TV, which will now allow users to stream content that they had previously purchased from iTunes. The next logical step would be for Apple to make movies available for streaming/re-downloading as well.

Also, the report notes that there could be a re-download limit of 5 times for some content, and it’s also unclear as to whether streaming will count against this download limit.

At any rate, Apple is slowly rolling out a series of services that they brand under the umbrella term “iCloud”. We’re already enjoying some of the features, such as the syncing of our music to other devices when purchased from the iTunes Store. On the other hand, we’re still waiting for the big stuff, like over-the-air updates, to be released this fall.

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