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Next-Generation iPhone, and Cheaper iPhone 4 to Be Launched in China Sometime in October?

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 1.08.14 AM.pngAllThingsD has picked up on a Chinese report from Sohu.com, which claims that China Telecom has come to an agreement with Apple, and will be selling two new iPhone models this fall. The report specifically names October as the release timeframe.

Of course, one of the models being mentioned in the report is the next-generation iPhone, or as some call it- iPhone 5. Then the report makes mention of a “simplified” iPhone 4, which be a cheaper version of the current iPhone 4, and aimed at the much wider, low-end market.

None of this sounds too far-fetched to my mind. We’ve heard the October launch timeframe before. We’ve heard the cheaper iPhone 4, bit before too. We’ve even heard that Apple may be keeping the iPhone 3GS around as a low-rung device as well. We’ve also heard that Apple and China Telecom are in negotiations. It’s all starting to slide into place, to form a bigger picture.

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