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Apple Releases Lion Recovery Disk Assistant to Create USB Recovery Keys

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 1.12.05 PM.pngApple has released a new utility called Lion Recovery Disk Assistant, which allows users to create a Lion recovery partition, on an external drive or thumb drive. This allows users to repair or reinstall a copy of Lion, without the need of an optical disc.

The accompanying support document notes that the partition created with this utility has the same capabilities as the Lion Recovery created during the instillation of Lion. So, this partition could be used if a computer won’t start from Recovery partition, or if a hard drive goes bad and has to be replaced.

Lastly, if a computer shipped with Lion preinstalled, the recovery drive that you create can only be used with that machine. If the computer was upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion, the recovery disk you create can be used on other system upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion.

So now this does away with the pesky problem of having to install Snow Leopard first, and then Lion, if say, your hard drive went bad. Now you can just pop in the USB key you create with this utility, and install from there.

You can download Lion Recovery Disk Assistant here.

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