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Report Claims Apple Has Reached a Deal with China Mobile to Bring the iPhone to that Network

china-mobile-logo.jpgCapitalVue is reporting that Apple has sealed a deal with China Mobile, paving the way for the iPhone to arrive on the world’s largest mobile phone network. China Mobile currently services over 600 million customers, so it’s a big market for Apple to grab.

The sourcing for this piece seems to be shaky, with CapitalVue giving credit to a “company filling” which was found by ccidcom.com, a Chinese-language site. From there, if you run a translation on ccidcom.com’s article, they point to an Associated Press report, a report that apparently doesn’t exist. So, keep this in mind before swallowing the report whole.

Taking it for granted that the ccidcom report is true, China Mobile will first release an iPhone 4 model this October, with an iPhone 5 model later down the road. The same later launch timeframe goes for the rumored 4G LTE iPhone models utilizing China Mobile’s TD-LTE standard.

This has been one of those rumors that has been floating around the web for some time. China Mobile has reportedly expressed interesting in carrying the iPhone, and Apple has reportedly expressed interest in offering their device on the network. In fact, we’ve seen some evidence that the two companies are indeed working together, as Apple COO Tim Cook was reportedly seen at China Mobile’s HQ, and a photo claiming to be that of a China Mobile iPhone prototype have both surfaced in recent months.

Remember, China Unicom is the only carrier in which Chinese customers can go to for an iPhone at the moment. It’s also being reported that Apple is making inroads to China Telecom the other major mobile carrier in China.

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