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Nintendo Under Pressure to Bring Games to iOS

Nintendo-Logo.jpgAfter I posted my piece on how Apple is changing mobile gaming the other day, I feel this bit of news is more relevant than ever. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is now facing pressure to launch games on iOS and other platforms.

The report goes on to note that the 3DS has seen poor sales, and sales of both the Wii and DS are slowing, which has culminated into a $328 million quarterly loss. In turn, Nintendo cut the prices of the 3DS in an attempt to promote sales, but it seems investors want more than that from the company.

Nintendo’s stock is headed for a six year low. But most telling is that the company’s stock headed upward when one of their affiliate companies announced that they were bringing a Pokemon game to iOS. Nintendo announced that they had no involvement, and that they would not be brining their software to any other platforms.

Just as I noted in my other piece, mobile gaming is on the rise, but devices like the DS and 3DS are not leading the pack, but rather devices like the iPhone, iPod touch, and Android phones are taking over the market. Nintendo, who still dominates in this market, needs to do something before it’s too late.

If Nintendo were to start selling games on iOS, yes they would be out of the profitable hardware market, but just think of the audience. Besides, if Nintendo were to charge their regular $29.99 a game, I wouldn’t even blink. Mario Kart on an iPhone? Here is my wallet.

In other words, I think there is a market for this, it’s just that Nintendo is going to have to swallow their pride first. Sega did it, and they’re still around.

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