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Review: Skygrid for iPhone

Attention all sports fans, tech addicts, news junkies, and entertainment gossip readers: Does having a near limitless feed of fresh articles on your favorite sports team, tech company, news topic, or movie star at the tips of your fingers sound like heaven to you?  If so, the iPhone app Skygrid might be the app for you!

Skygrid is a great app for staying on top of the latest articles on the internet for almost any topic that interests you.  When you first start up the app, you are brought to a grid of photos and headlines on hot topics of the day in all sorts of categories from sports to politics and everything in-between.  Clicking on any of these news topic photos will take you to a stream of articles about that topic.  Scrolling down presents you with lists of the topics that are currently the most popular or hot in the news.  This is an easy way to see what is going on in the world at a glance.

What really makes Skygrid a solid app, and one that keeps me coming back day after day, is the ability to customize the topics that you follow.  Whenever you click on a topic or category within the app to view the stream of available articles, you are always presented with a “Follow” link.  Pressing this will add the topic or category to your “Following” tab that can always be accessed at the bottom of the screen.   Don’t see the category or topic that you really wish to follow?  Clicking on the search tab will allow you to enter any topic, person, sports team, news event, or anything that you could possibly wish to follow.  A customized feed of articles will then be built off of your search terms and this feed can be added to your “Following” list as well.

Upon entering your “Following” tab, you are presented with a list of all the topics, categories, or keywords that you have chosen to follow.  A handy blue dot marks the feeds that have fresh articles available for you to read.  I have (happily) lost hours of my life reading article after article on topics that interest me such as my favorite sports teams.  Many of my “Following” feeds update with new articles faster than I can even read them.

Next time your favorite sports team wins a big game, an exciting gadget is released that has you drooling, or a news event breaks that has you hanging on every detail, don’t forget to fire up Skygrid to satisfy your urge for more information on the things that interest you the most!

Skygrid is now available in the App Store for Free.  A version of Skygrid is also available for the iPad.

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  • jhrogersii

    Great find, Brad. I really like the concept of being able to follow topics, rather than just writers who I know will eventually write about them. I think I will have to pick this up for my iPad.

  • Jo

    Link to appstore hacked? Points to another app.