Welcome to our weekly installment of Picks of the Week at iSource where we provide our expanded coverage of Apple accessories and applications  Here we will promote our favorite iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV related items, as well as bring you occasional tips and tricks.  Hopefully many of our favorite items will also […]
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iSource Picks of the Week


Welcome to our weekly installment of Picks of the Week at iSource where we provide our expanded coverage of Apple accessories and applications  Here we will promote our favorite iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV related items, as well as bring you occasional tips and tricks.  Hopefully many of our favorite items will also be of interest to you. Please feel free to comment on our selections, and suggest picks of your own.  Check out this week’s picks after the break

Stabile Stand for iPad

Picked by: PatrickJStabileiPadStandProductShot

iPad stands are rapidly becoming my favorite type of accessory for any of my devices. I have used a number of them with the original iPad and the iPad 2, and have no less than four that I would call current favorites. Standing big (BIG!) and tall among those is the Stabile Stand for iPad. This is basically the mother of all iPad stands – four full pounds of Made-in-the-USA iPad stand. It’s an iPad stand you could use for working out your arms. 🙂

It’s very nicely built and offers a really useful viewing and working angle for the iPad (or iPad 2) in both landscape and portrait modes. The area where the iPad sits is generously spaced enough that I happily put my iPad 2 in it with its smart cover still on (and tucked round the back).

The stand looks quite smart on my desk as well – and is of course a notable landmark due to its sheer size.


($59.99)  Stabile Stand for iPad



Dragon Dictation (v2.0.10)

Picked by: Thomas



My pick of the week is not a new app, but it has become one of my new favorites. Dragon Dictation is is a fantastic and free universal app that quickly converts your speech to text (so long as you have an active Internet connection). I never had need for these kinds of dictation apps before, but since I’m recovering from a wrist injury and trying to keep my typing to a minimum, Dragon Dictation on iPhone and iPad has become an absolute lifesaver. The app requires no training and makes editing your incorrect dictations as easy as tapping and holding on the screen.

There are slowdowns every once in a while, but I find that most of my sentences come back fully dictated within 1 to 2 seconds. I have been using DragonDictate for the Mac for a good couple of weeks now, but the free mobile version of the app has proven to be infinitely more useful. There’s no training needed, so you can use the at the moment you finish downloading it.

The only thing you should really watch out for is to make sure that you copy your text every once in a while, since I have lost a draft or two crashes. Otherwise, I can’t recommend Dragon dictation for iPhone and iPad enough, and I really hope that more of this functionality is coming to us in iOS 5.


(Free)  iTunes Link



Card Shop (v1.8)

Picked by: brad0885

Card Shop


My pick of the week is the app Card Shop.  After the birth of our first child on July 2nd, everyone wanted pictures of our new daughter.  I wanted a way to send pictures to people that was a little bit more flashy then just simply attaching a photo to an email.  Card Shop worked perfectly or this purpose.  Card shop allows you to take the photos on your iPhone and turn them into fancy post cards or greeting cards that you can send by email, Facebook, twitter, or SMS.

Making post cards or greeting cards is really simple and they look great.  You start by choosing a photo.  You then are able to add text, clip art, or free draw on your image.  The editing tools for resizing photos and clip art and placing text are actually very powerful and rarely did I find myself unable to make my postcard or greeting card look exactly the way I wanted it to. You can even add a recording to your card.

What really gives the cards that you create a charming look is the ability to add fake stamps and postmarks to the back of the cards.  This really gives your cards the neat effect of looking like a postcard that you would receive in the mail.

If you are looking for a way to share pictures with others in a more personal and eye catching way, Card Shop is the app for you!  Card Shop is available in the app store for $1.99.

Card Shop_icon

($1.99) iTunes Link



Favorite Recipes (v1.2)

Picked by: AliciaB

Favorite Recipes


For this week’s Pick I decided on Favorite Recipes by icook2day. This app features a collection of classic recipes from Gazpacho to Chicken Tacos, Hamburgers to Apple Crumble. I would say it’s not really for Foodies but for beginners or people who don’t have much experience with cooking, simply because I think all of us who do cook regularly and regard it as an art already have our own takes on classic recipes. Still, this app is great for someone looking to master the faves and impress their friends with a few great dishes.

The UI is easy to follow: there is a list by category – you can add recipes to faves or to a menu, and add ingredients for shopping lists. The recipes offer snapshots of each step, ingredients lists, detailed directions as well as video demonstrations. What’s always important in a recipe or food app? Great images, ones that almost make you smell the finished product, and inspire you to try it out. This app delivers great pics, although they would be even better if they would take up more screen space. What’s lacking at the moment is a way to search recipes. What I’d also like to see is a regular update with new additions, something to make me go back to the app again and again.

Still, for the moment I’m inspired to try the Green Beans with Pecans or the Pepper-Crusted Tuna Steak. Those are not yet on my classics list. Bon Apétit!

Favorite Recipes_icon

($0.99) iTunes Link  (Free)  Lite Version



NuGiant USB FlipCharger

Picked by: Joe

USB Flip Charger

If you are a power user of your iPhone (or just complain bitterly about the battery life!) and are constantly finding yourself searching in vain for an unoccupied power outlet, you’ll want to check out the NuGiant USB Flip Charger.  This ingenious device allows you to piggyback on an in-use outlet to charge your iPhone, iPod, or other USB-powered device (however, the unit does not put out enough power to charge an iPad).  As you can see from the image, a flat cutout slides out from the main body, allowing you to insert the plug you unceremoniously removed from the outlet you covet and plug them both in together.  The plug gets power, you get power, everyone’s happy! Well, except maybe Brandon….

The NuGiant USB Flip Charger retails for $15-20 at several retailers, including Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Fry’s.

USB Flip Charger

($15-20)  Link



There you have it!  Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Picks of the week.  Please let us know what you think, and share with us some of your favorites.

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