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Evernote Buys Skitch – Promises To ‘Supercharge’ It & Makes It a Free App


Here’s some great news announced by Evernote a couple days ago:

We love Skitch so much that we decided to buy the company. Skitch is an amazing Mac application that’s changed the way people capture, annotate and share images. Chief Skitchers, Cris Pearson and Keith Lang are moving from Australia and joining Evernote to lead a significantly expanded Skitch team focused on supercharging the product.

As a long-time user of both Evernote and Skitch, I love the sound of Evernote’s plans for Skitch and for Skitch and Evernote integration. It’s great to hear that the folks at Evernote are users of Skitch and love the app. Their plans for the app sound great too:

As Skitch users will attest, this is one of the most innovative, easy-to-use applications available on Mac. We’re going to keep it that way. We are committed, not only to making the Skitch Mac app more awesome, but also to bringing Skitch to every desktop and mobile platform under the sun. In addition, in the coming months, you’ll see tighter integration between Evernote and Skitch to let you easily draw, ink, grab screenshots, annotate and share your favorite memories.


Even better news for anyone who has not yet had the chance to get Skitch: they’ve made the app FREE. This is an app that used to be $19.95 and was worth every penny of it.

Integration with Evernote is already starting – as new users of Skitch can sign into it with their Evernote credentials. Even before the purchase, it has always been easy to drag capture images from Skitch straight into an Evernote note.

I use both of these apps – heavily – every day on my MacBook Pro. They are both favorites and essentials for me. So I can offer a genuine congratulations to all involved at Evernote and Skitch. I look forward to seeing how these two great apps improve and work together in future.

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  • Jay

    Definitely exciting. You turned me on to Skitch about a year ago. Thanks!

  • jhrogersii

    I haven’t been able to use Stitch before, being a Windows user, but it seems like a great app, and I look forward to getting to use it in the future, thanks to Evernote.

    I am a HUGE fan of Evernote. It isn’t prefect, and may not be for everybody, but I absolutely love their approach. If you have ever read their blog, or listened to their podcasts, you know how committed they are to their core values. Their free service has a lot of value, and their premium service is very affordable, and allows you to come and go without being “locked in.” They also give you complete access to all of your data outside of Evernote if you want to leave and take it all elsewhere. To me, though, the key is their commitment to never use your data for advertising or monitization purposes. They get their money from providing a great service with a lot of value. Considering how fast they are growing, this business model must be working pretty well. I just wish other “free” cloud-based services would take note.