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iPhone 3GS Is Free at Best Buy – Today Only


The iPhone 3GS is free at Best Buy for today only. Is just spotted a post on this at The Loop, and verified it at my local Best Buy outlet.

Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores are offering users the opportunity to pick up an AT&T 8GB iPhone 3GS for free. The offer is available to those who wish to upgrade or purchase a new two-year activation.

Of course the 3GS will soon be two generations behind the current iPhone model (when the iPhone 5 is released this fall) but it is still a heck of a capable smartphone. This might be a great offer to let any of your smartphone-shy relatives or friends know about. If they’ve ever thought even a little about trying an iPhone out, a free 3GS might be the perfect intro for them.

It looks like this deal is only available in stores, but you can check this Best Buy page as well just in case:


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