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Front Panel Belonging to Next-Generation iPhone Appears Identical to iPhone 4


After last week’s discovery of a back panel belonging to a prototype iPhone with the “N94” model designation that looked nearly identical to an iPhone 4, this week a front panel for the same “N94” device has surfaced. Just as with the back panel, the newly discovered black, front panel has a “Engineering Verification Test 1” designation, meaning the component is in the advanced stages of testing.


The panel includes a digitizer, and LCD, while also having an identical bezel as the panel shipping on the iPhone 4. The panel also has the traditional hole in it for the Home Button. After all some recent rumors have suggested that the next-generation iPhone would be lacking a physical home button. If this part is indeed real, that won’t be the case.

Based off what we know so far, this part would be used for a forthcoming “iPhone 4S”, which is believed to be replacing the iPhone 4 on the low-end of the hierarchy, with Apple also introducing an all-new iPhone 5 to take the high-end.

Images courtesy of MacPost

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  • Or perhaps the only iPhone coming out this October will look exactly like the iPhone 4 – like the 3GS looked identical to the 3G.

  • gary

    i don’t know how many people share the same opinion, but unless apple offers a 4″ screen there is zero chance of me buying another iPhone.