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Report Claims Next-Generation iPhone to Have Metal Chassis, and Screen Smaller than 4 Inches

iphone-4-low-signal.jpgDigiTimes is reporting on facts, that have been circulating around the rumor mill for sometime, in regards to the next-generation iPhone. They spend part of their article refuting a “leak” video, that was obviously fake to begin with.

More interestingly, is what their sources have to say about the next-generation iPhone. The new device will have a 3.5 to 3.7-inch display, with a thinner bezel around the screen which in turn makes the screen look larger than it has previously. They also note that the glass backing currently used on the iPhone 4, will be replaced by a metal chassis.

Of course, this report comes right off the heals of other similar reports, all of which have done nothing to actually help us to guess what the next-generation iPhone will look like. There are simply too many conflicting reports. Some of which suggest an all-new design, while other suggest a similar design to the iPhone 4, while still more reports suggest that Apple will be rolling out an all-new iPhone, while substantially upgrading the lower-end iPhone 4.

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