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Apple Seeds: Releases iOS 5 Beta 7 to Developers, News Update on 3G MacBook Pro Prototype, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Apple Seeds iOS 5 Beta 7 and Other Updates to Developers

Apple has released iOS 5 Beta 7 to developers, with a delta update size of 70MB. The company also pushed out updates such as Xcode 4.2 Preview 7, iTunes 10.5 Beta 7, and Apple TV Software beta 6. There is no word as of this moment on what has changed in this build of iOS 5, but there is no doubt that Apple is wrapping up development in preparation for September’s announcements.

Apple’s Genius Bar Didn’t Recognize 3G Prototype MacBook Pro

Remember that Prototype 3G MacBook Pro that surfaced on eBay earlier this month? The owner of the device, Carl Frega, has now been located and interviewed regarding the machine.

Apple asked that the device be taken down from auction, and someone from Apple will be sent to his house to pick it up. Frega originally purchased the machine on Craigslist, and later repaired it. Frega then tried to sell the repaired machine on Craigslist, only to have the new buyer take it to an Apple Store, and was refused service because the internals of the machine were believed to be 3rd-party. Frega then bought the machine back from the individual he sold it to, and ultimately placed it on eBay.

In other words, because it was a prototype, Genius Bar representatives simply believed it was a standard MacBook Pro that had been tampered with, and thus refused service. This just shows how secretive Apple is, when their even their employees are fooled by prototype devices. [Read More]

Report Claims Apple Introducing Remote Diagnostics Tool for iOS Devices

Hardmac is reporting that Apple has made an internal announcement that remote diagnostic tools for iOS devices are now ready to be used by support staff (both internet and telephone) to better understand an issue a customer might be having. In short, it will check to see if there is something wrong with the device, without having a customer take the device to their nearest Apple Store. Very neat. [Read More]

Federal Government Stepping in to Stop AT&T’s Acquisition of T-Mobile

This isn’t Apple news per se, but it could have wide-reaching effects on the mobile phone industry. That is, the U.S. Federal Government has stepped in and has filed a court order to block AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile USA, on the grounds of anticompetitive behavior. After all, this would mean that AT&T would have a lock on the GSM spectrum of cellular networks in the US. In turn, it seems like the rumors that a T-Mobile USA iPhone, may come true sooner rather than never. [Read More]

Three More Apple Stores Opening This Week

Apple is set to open three more Apple Stores this week. The first will be in Mapleview Centre in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The second will be in City-Galerie in Augsburg, Germany, and the third will be at Campania, in Naples, Italy. It looks like Apple is well on their way to opening their promised 30 stores by the end of this quarter. Amazing.

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