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Icon Found in Photo Stream Graphic Hints at Hardware Features of Next-Generation iPhone


MacRumors has picked up an interesting story, wherein an icon on a Photo Stream (upcoming feature of iCloud) graphic suggests what the next-generation iPhone’s hardware might look like.

It would be easy to dismiss a simple little graphic like this, but it lines up with existing rumors too nicely to be totally ignored. Plus, Apple is known to be very precise with their graphics, even at a small scale.

The icon itself depicts an iPhone-like device with a larger screen, and an elongated home button. Again, much like the rumors we’ve been hearing surrounding the next-generation iPhone. MacRumors even did us the favor and compared the icon to a schematic of what the new iPhone is believed to look like:


Of course, some reports are claiming a larger screen*, while others suggest the screen size will remain the same as it has on all previous iPhones. Interestingly, other reports have also suggested that the new iPhone will sport a new, elongated home button, or at least touch-sensitive area, instead of the currently-used, round home button.

At this point, we’re hearing so many different things about the upcoming iPhone hardware refresh, that I wouldn’t rule anything out.

* I still find this unlikely, simply because of the pixel math involved. Apple would have to scale by a factor of 2 so that preexisting applications wouldn’t look distorted on a larger screen. In other words double or nothing.

Image courtesy of AppDated.de and MacRumors.com

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