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Lion Helps Mac Market Share Grow to 13% in US


New data from NetMarketShare shows that market share for Mac has grown to almost 13.5% in the US and just over 6% worldwide –  apparently boosted by the recent release of OS X Lion.

Apple Insider reports that Lion already accounts for an 1.03% share of the market – as compared to 1.17% for Leopard and 3.46% for Snow Leopard. Not bad give that Lion has only been out for a little over a month.

Oh, and then there’s Windows XP – a ten year old, unsupported OS – with a staggering 52% share, followed by Windows 7 with a bit over 30%.

It feels a little odd to me to see how tiny Mac’s worldwide share still is. I know so many people with Macs, online and in real life that I guess it becomes easy to forget how dominant Windows still is. Or at least that’s my excuse.

Here’s hoping Mac’s growth trend continues.

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  • Peter

    Just wanted to comment on what you said about how it’s easy to forget Windows is so dominant. The fact that Windows is still such huge percentage of market share is that the figures are overwhelmingly pushed by business and small business purchases. Businesses still largely rely on Windows-based PCs for their needs, if these figures showed only computers bought for personal use, i.e. home computers, student and business laptops, the percentages would be much different. In fact, in sales of computers for personal use, Windows and Mac OS X are roughly even at about 50% each. This is why when people are out it appears that there are just as many Macs as there are Windows PCs being used, because there are.

  • Peter

    Oh and I know these stats because I intern at a market research company.