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ListBook for IPhone

The developers at noidentity aren’t very subtle with their names. Their first app, MoneyBook, was an awesome finance tracking app for the iPhone. Their second app, BudgetBook, was much the same thing, but made for the iPad.

So it should come as no surprise that their third app, ListBook, is all about creating and managing quick lists on your iPhone. This is one of those simpler list apps for groceries and the like, and if you’re the type to search for features like repeating tasks, due dates, and priorities, then you won’t be very happy with what ListBook has to offer.

However, if you’ve been looking for that latest sexy app to add to your home screen, ListBook could well fit the bill. It’s clean, handles multiple lists, supports badges and filters, and at $1.99 on the App Store, makes for an easy impulse purchase.

(I will acknowledge that ListBook already has a lot of well-established competition in the last-making arena, but I enjoyed using MoneyBook so much that I’m willing to give noidentity the benefit of the doubt here and post on the app simply because they made it.)

[via Beautiful Pixels]

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