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Review Update: Sena Florence for iPad 2

Sena’s Florence for iPad 2 originally had a little flap in the lower-right corner to lock the front cover in place, but in my previous review I found that this design simply didn’t work out. The flap was unique and looked interesting, but it didn’t hold the cover securely enough, and so the iPad would often sleep and wake repeatedly during transport because the sleep magnet never stayed still. I ended my previous review by stating that the overall case design was good, but that the cover simply didn’t work as advertised.

However, Sena recently shipped me their rev 3 Florence case with a cover that more closely resembles Apple’s Smart Cover, and I’m happy to report that this change has made the Florence a whole lot better.

Florence + the Machine

Instead of using a little leather pocket for the front cover to fit into, Sena now relies on two magnets to seal the Florence. I’ve spent about a week with the case and have nothing but praise for this new design. Using the iPad in this latest Florence re-design is effortless, and I love how quickly I can turn it from a smooth black leather book into a tablet computer with viewing modes for typing and movie viewing.

What’s more, the fit on the Florence is still perfect, with all of the cut-outs for buttons and ports aligned, and next to no movement of the iPad while inside the case.


Overall, I’d recommend the $80 Florence (which is currently on sale for $70) to fans of the Smart Cover and the original iPad 1 case. It’s slim and the leather is supple and gorgeous, but it’s also a full body case with all-around protection from scratches and light bumps. The Florence does make the iPad 2 a little thicker and heavier (1.8 lbs total weight), but in terms of classy all-in-one case for the iPad 2 with Smart Cover tech, this rev 3 Florence is a very strong offering.

The Florence was provided by Sena for review on iSource. For further information regarding our site’s review policies, please see the “About” page.

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