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Apple Posts New Betas for iTunes 10.5, iWork, and iOS to Developers, Issues Security Update 2011-005 to Public

itunes10logo380.jpgAlongside the reopening of the iTunes Match beta, Apple has also issued new beta for iTunes 10.5, iWork, and iOS 5 in preparation for Apple’s iCloud roll out later this year.

Apple has also issued a new build (Build 11C55) of OS X 10.7.2, which for the first time, fully integrates Apple’s forthcoming iCloud service right into the OS. Prior to this build, Apple was issuing separate beta installers to give their test builds of OS X 10.7.2 iCloud functionality. As with previous builds, there are no known issues, which means Apple could be nearing a public release.

In fact, that is the explicit reasoning for these betas- iCloud. Comparing the iCloud rollout to the MobileMe rollout, you’ll notice that Apple is being very careful as to not repeat a rocky introduction. MobileMe had some serious problems when it was first introduced, in regards to downtime.

Now, Apple is allowing developers to test iCloud, and make sure as many kinks are ironed out before launch as possible. Apple appears determined to make a go of this service. It remains to be seen if it survives in the wild however.

While we’re on a similar subject, Apple has also issued a security update for OS X, which addresses compromised certificates from DigiNotar. The update is small, and is recommended for all OS X users. So there’s that.

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