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Apple To Introduce New MacBook Pros with Processor Speed Increases by the End of this Year?

overview_gallery1_20110720.pngAppleInsider is reporting that Apple may introduce new MacBook Pros by the end of this year, with the only major change being an increase in processor speeds. No other changes are noted in the report.

Apple has a tendency to only update their machines once a year, and the MacBook Pro saw an update way back in February. However, last year alongside the introduction of the then-new MacBook Airs, Apple quietly added a 2.8GHz Core i7 as a BTO option. This report differs in that it suggest that Apple will be doing an across-the-board update. It would seem unlikely, but not out of the question for Apple to make such a move.

Also remember that there are rumors floating around that suggest that the MacBook Pro line will be morphed into a MacBook Air-like form factor. Earlier this summer we heard reports that Apple even has a 15-inch notebook model in the pipeline, with a form factor very similar to the MacBook Air. However, this report outright denies any other changes being made to the line other than processor speed bumps.

So, we’ll see how this plays out. If I had to guess, we won’t see an update until next year. At that time, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Apple to introduce a new, thinner, model.

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