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Acer and Asus Announce Adoption of Thunderbolt I/O

E13754FD-BDB0-4504-A147-9110181B187E.jpgIDG News is reporting that Acer and Asus have announced that they are adopting Apple/Intel’s high-speed Thunderbolt connectivity standard. The two companies will be adopting the standard next year, thus adding to the traction Thunderbolt has been gaining in the marketplace.

Apple of course, was the first company to roll out Thunderbolt in their computers. All of the Macs in Apple’s current lineup feature the new I/O, with the exception of the Mac Pro, which hasn’t seen an update in quite some time.

Thunderbolt, is currently relegated to expensive storage devices, and other high-end peripherals. Plus, HP announced that they will be sticking with USB 3.0 for the time being. However, HP has since announced that they will be making an exit from the PC manufacturing business.

On the upside, Intel has announced that they will be supporting both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 going forward. Making it an easier decision for PC makers to adopt the standard.

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