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Case-Mate Posts Images of Next-Generation iPhone Cases


Case-Mate posted several different next-generation iPhone case designs earlier today. The images were quickly taken down after the site was gaining significant attention.

As for the design itself, it features a rounded and tapered profile, along with the mute switch moved to the opposite side, as the leaked design plans indicated would be the case (deliberate pun).

As we’ve beaten to death in recent weeks, evidence of the case design for the next-generation iPhone 5 hasn’t been very solid or reliable. Instead, we’ve seen far more evidence suggesting that the new iPhone will have a form-factor very similar to the iPhone 4. Specifically, we’ve seen parts related to the “N94” device, which looks very similar to the iPhone 4.

There in lies the problem. These designs are likely based on the leaked design document that is circulating amongst the asian case manufactures. Of course, those design documents may, or may not be authentic, which casts doubt on the design.

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