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Analyst Claims Redesigned Next-Generation iPhone on it’s Way, ‘iPhone 4-Plus’ Coming to China Soon

iphone5.jpgMark Moskowitz, an analyst at J.P. Morgan has pitched in his two cents regarding the next-generation iPhone. He believes that Apple will be rolling out two new models. One will be a brand new, redesigned iPhone 5, while the other will be a “iPhone 4-plus” that is primarily targeted at the Chinese market, but will also be sold in other markets.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen plenty of solid evidence suggesting that there will be a new A5-powered iPhone introduced in the coming weeks that has a form-factor nearly identical to the iPhone 4. However, much weaker, yet persistent evidence and claims have surfaced claiming that Apple will also be rolling out a completely redesigned “iPhone 5”.

The only physical evidence of a new iPhone 5 that has been leaked, are third-party cases which all seem to be based on the same design document of questionable authenticity that has been circulating amongst manufacturers in asia. Furthermore, we’ve been hearing conflicting reports- such as this report from Moskowitz, which claims a new design, with other analyst reports claiming no such change is on the way.

So, as we’ve mentioned before here at iSource- Who knows at this point.

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