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Apple Releases Big Update for Final Cut Pro X, Begins Offering Free Trials

Screen Shot 2011-09-20 at 12.28.11 PM.pngEarlier this summer, Apple released Final Cut Pro X to the professional market to much criticism. Many professionals felt that the new UI, and overall capabilities of the new version, were too simplistic for true professional-level video editing. Today, Apple has issued an update to address some of these requests and concerns.

One such feature that was missing in the first version of Final Cut Pro X was XML support. Today’s update adds XML support, just as promised. Other requested features added to Final Cut Pro X with this update include: support for projects through Xsan, media stems support, custom starting time codes, full-screen view, and GPU-acceleration for exporting.

Additionally, Apple has released a software development kit for camera manufacturers, to help them create plugins to support their cameras in Final Cut Pro X. Apple will also be rolling out another major update to bring multi cam editing and broadcast video output support next year.

Lastly, Apple has rolled out a 30-day free trial of Final Cut Pro X so consumers can now know what they are getting into, and find out if they like it or not, before making the move. I’m sure this came about after Apple had to hand out refunds to dissatisfied customers earlier this year.

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