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Lost Foxconn iPhone Could Be the Source of Tapered Next-Gen iPhone Design

iphone5.jpgM.I.C gadget is reporting that an iPhone accessory company in Shenzhen, China claims that Apple’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn, lost iPhone 5 prototype. Most notable, the iPhone 5 prototype that was lost, reportedly frittered the teardrop, tapered design, we’ve heard so much about.

Furthermore the report notes that an outside party paid a Foxconn employee a tidy $3,100 for the device. It is currently unknown when the prototype went missing. That said, we’ve heard rumblings of the tapered design since this spring. Case manufacturers have since jumped on the bandwagon and created cases for the design. So, someone is buying into this rumor. Literally.

Just to put a damper on all of this, the ever-well-informed John Gruber of Daring Fireball, pitched in his two cents and suggested that there will only be one new iPhone introduced at the upcoming event. I tend to agree.

See, I usually don’t read much into Apple’s invitation art, but they included the date in the calendar icon, the time in the clock icon, the location in the maps icon, so the one badge on the phone icon tends to tell us something. Perhaps not.

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