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Sign of the Times: Apple Pulls iPod Click Wheel Games from iTunes


Just days after we heard reports that Apple is looking to discontinue it’s iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle lines, a new report from AppleInsider has emerged and notes that Apple has pulled the iPod Click Wheel Games from the iTunes Store.

The last time a new click wheel game had been added to the store was way back in February of 2009. Sometime after that Apple dropped the support for the development of those games, but continued to sell the ones that were already on the store.

Even thought the games had been removed, Apple’s promotional material on the iPod Classic page still notes the ability to purchase such content.

Last year the iPod Classic was not refreshed even though Steve Jobs stated that the iPod lineup was “all-new”. That showed the companies lack of interest in the device. It’s obvious that the device isn’t as popular as it once was, and with the entire iPod line waning in popularity in favor of the iPhones, it seems it’s only a matter of time, before the iPod classic, if not other iPod models, are phased out.

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  • This is just the beginning. Now they’re on their fifth generation of the iPhone. I wonder when they’re going to discontinue support for the first generation or two of those!