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Apple updates iPod nano and iPod touch



In the run-up to today’s “Let’s talk iPhone” things were not boding well for Apple little mighty media player in the blogosphere. Noting Apple’s reticence to refresh the iPod family as regularly as they used to and citing declining overall sales, tech pundits were already writing its epitaph, reminiscing on the iPod’s heyday and mourning the decline and perhaps impending demise of the iPod classic – the least “loved” in the whole line. After all, the last time the iPod classic got a refresh was September 2009. Yearly iPod events seem to be a thing of the past. Fans of the iPod will thus be happy that Apple has at least updated 2 models of the iPod family – the iPod nano and the iPod touch, and has not yet announced the death of the iPod classic. Heck they’re still even selling iPod shuffles.

Now relegated to “also new” stats, the iPods modern showcase models are the new iPod nano, now with enhanced fitness features and wear-it-like-a-watch ease and the new iPod touch, now also available in white for $199 (8GB). The 32GB model sells for $299 and the 64GB sells for $399.

The absence of important additional features for both demonstrates once again that the Apple is now just polishing an already perfected format and concept of its iconic multi-faceted media player. Gone are the days where we saw a new radical design for the nano almost each year. Each model caters to a specific lifestyle, use or function and complements other iPods rather than competing with them. And lest we not forget that the iPod lives on virtually on each iPhone and iPad, even if it will be renamed Music in iOS5.

Apple is currently still selling the other iPod models in addition to its flagships – you can see the iPod family here. I for one am happy that Apple has not yet pulled the plug on its iPod classic or shuffle.

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