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iOS5 updates Find my iPhone with Find my Friends

Today’s announcements at Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” included a new iteration of Find my iPhone now including Find my Friends, a pretty neat evolutionary step in location awareness and sharing.

This is a great idea in principle and in practice. You can locate those who have opted to share location with you. Use it when meeting friends (no more – where are you? calls), waiting on spouse to arrive or for special events as a guide. It’s integrated with Contacts and Maps.

The best thing about this is that you can limit the time of location sharing with the Temporary Sharing option. In bed with your mistress? Better switch it off. Buying your boyfriend a gift? Better not let him see you shopping at his fave store.

Privacy controls and parental restrictions make sure that no one abuses this app’s voyeur capabilities.

And yes, it’s free for iOS5 and Lion.

If you haven’t tried Find my iPhone in its current form, download it now on the App Store for free.

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