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Lovely iOS Rumor of the Day: App Rentals in the App Store


OK, so obviously there are tons of rumors swirling round leading up to Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ event today. Rumors on an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4S, exclusives for Sprint, and all sorts.

Here’s my current favorite rumor – as in, one I would very much like to see prove true: app rentals in the App Store. The ability to rent apps for a limited period before buying. A recent report at AppAdvice details some text strings they found in the latest iTunes beta that clearly reference this:

As you can see, this text suggests users will soon be able to download apps for a limited period of time. These apps would then be removed from the user’s iTunes library once the rental period is over.

This would be great to see in the App Store, and would go some way towards addressing the lack of trial software.

What’s your favorite rumor as we close in on the start of today’s Apple event?

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