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My iPhone 4S Opinion

WARNING: My fanboy side took over the keyboard for this post. But it’s ok – I brought a flame retardant suit with me.

You know at first I was with everyone else… sort of a ‘meh’ feeling about the whole phone. Sure it’s a processor bump. But its a pretty good processor bump. Is it as high as other phones? Maybe not. Does it NEED to be? No. You don’t need a 2.2Ghz 12 Core AMD when a Dual Core will get the job done perfectly. As it has been for years on the desktop, laptops and mobiles, spouting off processor specs are just another way of wagging your d**k around. Can you do more on a desktop with a faster processor? Sure sometimes you can. But in the real world of smartphones (at this point in space and time) we’re reaching that overkill threshold where more power in the CPU is nothing more than less power in terms of run time. So, you can have your multi-core 1.5Ghz superphone with a 5″ screen and 4 hours of battery life. Enjoy sitting next to a power outlet for most of your day. Me and Siri will be over here defining the term overkill.

Will a memory boost be welcome? Absolutely. That’s more than just pulling out a ruler and measuring wangers. That makes as big as or more of a difference than the processor when it comes to performance. How many times has a non-techie come up to you and asked what the best upgrade for their 2 year old PC is … and you’ve told them to buy a new processor? Likely never. You’ve told them to get more memory (and stop clicking the free anti-virus pop-ups).

Yes, graphics are important to some of you, me included. Let me know when something like Infinity Blade 2 hits your OS of choice and looks as good. Then let me know when something BETTER hits and I’ll be jealous. Here again we’re getting into that gray (grey) area where at this point in time if you want more – get a 1080p HDTV and hook up a Playstation 3 through HDMI to it. It’s a phone. Not a $20,000 home entertainment system.

Camera – This is a big deal for some of us. I’ve got a 5MP HTC HD7S in my hand. It SUCKS NUTS at taking pictures. I’ve seen some Samsung 8MP pictures as well that leave more than a little to be desired. So yes, the camera which I take with me everywhere is a big deal. To you, maybe not so much, but let me know when you can get a shot like the squirrel above on your ‘droid and not have it washed out and looking like a wet rat. You want better? Nikon. Canon. DSLR. I can’t fit one of those on my R6 everyday. But the thousands of pictures I take are important to me. (I suffer from CRS – Can’t Remember Shit – so I take a lot of pictures)

Bigger screen – absolutely – Yes Please. I wanted this more than any other rumored feature. But am I devastated and ready to move to a whole new platform over it? Don’t be foolish. Andriod folks – yes, I’ll remain jealous. WP7 folks – sorry. Screen resolution is a problem for you.

As for the rest who complain about the design being the same… it costs millions upon millions to retool an entire production line at Foxconn for a design change. Not to mention the millions spent on testing/tweaking/testing/tweaking the changes. If I was Apple I sure as hell wouldn’t spend (randomly) half a billion every year to redesign the phone from the ground up. Matter of fact as a user – I don’t want them to rush the design that much. I’ll take a full redesign every couple years so that its dammed near perfect when it hits the market. (Yes … the antenna sucked, we get it)

And one more thing – It’s not like Samsung or HTC has done anything revolutionary lately. Copied a device or two yes – revolutionary? No. And yes I’m aware of the curved phone they haven’t announced or shipped or demo’d or done jack all but put onscreen for 2 seconds in a youtube video. Let me know when it SHIPS.

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  • Greg

    Well put my friend.

  • Keith

    Wow. Fanboy isn’t even the word to describe that ramble. Everyone all over the world has been disappointed with the 4S announcement.

    This is clearly the first time apple has fallen being in cell phone technology. I’ve had every single iPhone and I’m now in a samsung galaxy s2 and there’s no way in hell id get that piece of crap 4s. Apple has billions upon billions of dollars and all they do is make the camera better and make it dual core after 16 months??? They should redesign the damn phone every year. They got the money to do it! What a complete joke. Apple is no longer an innovator the way they once were, instead they’re all about making profit profit profit.

    “we’ll announce a slightly upgraded phone and use smoke and mirrors in advertising to fool people into thinking it’s a dramatic upgrade.”

    Samsung, and HTC and totaly licking their lips right now because they know their products are going to blow the 4s out of the water.

    Ok yea, SIRI is nice. But it’s SOFTWARE! And they’re making it only on the 4s. An iphone 4 has more than enough power to handle that. But they are still gonna make you upgrade.

    And the prices for different capacities….. Wow. It jumps from 200 to 300 to get another 16gb… Really? It probably costs them an extra 2 dollars to add an additional 16gb of storage to the phone being almost 2012.

    Bottom line is that apple screwed up big time. They’ll still have their crazy Fanboy people that don’t know any better camping out for essentially the same device they already have…. But that’s fine. Us professional users that are sick and tired of the small screen, no customization options, no flash compatibility, chained to iTunes, no memory upgrades, no amoled screen, no universal micro usb input, on and on, are going to be able to find a happy home with the powerhouse samsung and HTC phones coming out in the next month.

  • TL

    Lol… Good try… The Samsung Galaxy S II shits all over the iphone 4s… And Im a WP7 guy…( waiting for the Htc Titan or the Nokia Ace.
    The King is Dead: Long Live Steve Jobs!!!

  • Likesbigolbeefyphones

    I don’t totally disagree with your thoughts. This IS how Apple always operates. Just a little tweaking and a couple of upgrades and bam, 4S. People definitely got all hyped up (like every year) but because Apple didn’t invest in some of the trending features (bigger screen, mainly) they will and have been suffering. iPhones are great devices, I agree, they don’t need crazy specs to play awesome games. Android and WP7 need beefier processors to catch up to the performance of the iPhone. I don’t get all stressed out about the he said, she said, fanboy massacres. I take it for how it is. Samsung Epic Touch 4G on Sprint. 4.5″ screen, Super AMOLED Plus Screen, less “pickles” as my wife would say, and some people come down on that, but gosh man, that screen is beautiful and you would never guess the resolution was lower then other high end devices. I will disagree on one glaringly obvious fault on your part. Have you seen a picture taken on the Galaxy S2’s? Blown up on my 28″ monitor they still look amazing! As good, if not way better then the squirrel picture. I suppose what I am really trying to say is… how the heck did they get so darn close to that squirrel!? I know zoom isn’t that good. Its the iPhone 4S, look at this picture I took with my phone *minus mention of the telescopic lens specially designed for the iphone by Sony and costs $12,000*, this is how all your pictures will look, LOL.

  • Steve

    Sorry, I love my WP7 over my Android and iPhone.
    I do love taking nice picture on my phone, but I also love to have more useful feature in my phone for both my work and social, that’s why I would rather pick a wp7 device like Samsung Focus S or Nokia Ace over soon to be boring iPhone.
    At last, I see you are calling Samsung And HTC are not revolutionary, but as in my eyes, I don’t see iPhone4s is revolutionary as well.

  • Brandon

    So… here’s what happens when the next Android comes out with less than spectacular specs…

    I guess specs aren’t all that important all of a sudden when your next super phone isn’t all that super.

  • whydidnt

    I get where Brandon is coming from on this post. If you really prefer iOS to other mobile systems, then why would you jump ship now? However, as a person that likes both iOS and Android, the 4s announcement was extremely disappointing. The single biggest issue I have with the iPhone is it’s tiny screen. I thought it was fine until I started using 4.3″ screens and then tried to go back to the iPhone, sure the high resolution is great, but everything is TOO DAMN SMALL to see. I think for most people that use their phone for a lot of email, web surfing and games will find that the larger screens greatly increases their enjoyment of the device. I sold my iPhone 4 a few weeks ago because I just quit using it, in favor of the Galaxy SII for this very reason.

    If you look at what is upgraded in the 4s, the processor and camera, I find it difficult to understand why someone other than a fanboy would upgrade. The iPhone 4 was already plenty fast at just about everything it does, and the camera was also very good. It seems you’re upgrading for very little benefit. Sure Siri looks revolutionary, the problem with EVERY mobile voice recognition service is they aren’t practical to use in most mobile situations – they don’t work well with a lot of background noise, and when there isn’t a lot of noise, you are probably in a public place and really don’t want the rest of the world to hear whatever it is you are trying to get your phone to do or read to you. Android already has very good VR, but I rarely use it for these reasons.

    So at the end of the day, the 4s provides upgrades where they really aren’t needed, ignores those that are – screen, LTE, etc. and is quite simply very disappointing for those of us that want and expect Apple to continue to be a leader in the Mobile space. After 15 months there really should have been more.

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