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Jailbreakme.com Now Untrusted, Ripe for Malware – Per the Dev Team


As you can see in the tweet above from Dev Team member MuscleNerd, it appears that the jailbreakme.com website has changed ownership. More importantly, under its new ownership it is deemed:

absolutely unknown, untrusted, and unsafe. in perfect place for iPhone malware

That’s a real shame to hear, but MuscleNerd’s warning is much appreciated. It also looks like the Dev Team are coming to the rescue here, as they so often do for the jailbreak community. MuscleNerd’s recent tweets indicate that they are in the process of replicating the content of jailbreakme.com to the new jailbreaks.me site.


Thanks to Deion at RunAroundTech for the initial heads-up on this.

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