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iPad Now Passes iPhone in U.S Internet Traffic, Holds 97% of Tablet Traffic

comScore, a research firm, has released the results of their latest study in which U.S. media consumption was examined. Unsurprisingly, they found that the iPad dominates the tablet market. Far more surprising is the fact that the iPad had surpassed the iPhone in U.S. Internet traffic. The iPad commands 46.8% of traffic, while the iPhone holds 42.6%.


The report also notes that the iPad holds a massive 97.2% of the tablet traffic when measured by browser-based page views from June-August. More broadly, iOS held 43.1% of connected devices in the U.S. as compared to Android’s 34.1%. However, iOS as a whole dominates usage share with 58.5% of the market as compared to Android’s 31.9%

See, when you fold in iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone usage data, the iOS clearly pulls ahead of Android in the market. It’s just convenient for the media to gloss over that fact, and only count mobile phone handsets, and not the total number of devices powered by a given OS.

Chart courtesy of comScore.

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