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A Scotsman Takes Siri for a Proper Test Drive, Proves He Is Her Daddy


OK, so many of us already feel that Siri is very cool new feature on the iPhone 4S, and we’re all having fun and getting to grips with it right about now. Here’s a guy who looks like he has given Siri a heck of a test drive, and discovered her sense of humor – as you can see above in the ‘Siri Who’s Your Daddy’ response.

Matt Gemmell – a Scotsman who works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac usability and development at Instinctive Code – shared a superb Flickr set of images from his interaction with Siri on Flickr and Google+.

The whole set is well worth a look, but here are a few more of my favorites:

Siri is awesome …


Siri doesn’t do knock knock jokes …


Siri’s got a hot outfit …


I did my best to get similar results from Siri, but apparently my non-Scottish accent is not up to par for her.

If you’ve got any favorite comical exchanges with Siri please share them and your screenshots of them in the comments.

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