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Apple Activates iTunes Match Setting in iOS 5, Launch Could be Imminent


With iCloud only a week old, Apple still hasn’t introduced iTunes Match, their forthcoming service that will match the songs you have in your library that were not purchased from iTunes, and send them to the cloud. Apple has announced that they will roll out the service by the “end of October”.


It now appears that Apple is closing in on the launch, and has miraculously gained a switch for the iTunes Match feature in the Music section of the Settings app in iOS 5. Even though the switch is now present, users won’t be able to use the service yet. Apple simply hasn’t turned the feature on as of this time.


Customers looking to sign up for the feature will need iTunes 10.5.1 installed on their computer, which Apple conveniently still hasn’t released. Also Apple is broadcasting iTunes Match on the iTunes Store in the US and other countries even though Apple claimed iTunes Match wouldn’t launch internationally until later this year, after the US launch.

Images courtesy of MacRumors.

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