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Here’s a Workaround for Dictating Complex Names to Siri

Dictating text to Siri on the iPhone 4S is great for regular speech and common words, but what about names that probably have to be spelled out to be accurately dictated? App and accessory names can get quite ridiculous when trying to dictate quick posts on the iPhone or iPad (using Dragon Dictation), and so one trick I started using earlier this year was to use placeholder words that I would probably never use in the main body of my text. For reasons that are simply too stupid to explain, I chose Pegasus as my codeword. So instead of trying to spell out iMain Go X several times in a single post, I simply say Pegasus in its stead.

The last part of this tip is probably the most unintuitive because it can’t actually be accomplished on iOS device. When I’m finished dictating and editing the post on my device, I send the text over to my Mac where I use a find and replace command in an app like TextEdit for all instances of Pegasus, turning each instance into the name of the product I’m talking about in the post (ex. GOF2HD).

This certainly isn’t the best or simplest workflow, but I have found it useful for allowing me to dictate more complex or unusual names with relative ease.

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  • It would be great if you could instead setup words that you can tell siri and they would automatically be replaced by phrases / words you defined