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iPod Turns Ten


On October 23, 2001 I was eleven years old. I had no idea who Steve Jobs was, or what an iPod was. In fact, few people did know what an iPod was at the time, or that it would change the world, at least as far as consumer electronics is concerned. This new device was chunky, had 5GB of storage and could carry “A 1000 songs in your pocket”. It was amazing.

It was not until 2003 before I saw an iPod in person. I was fascinated. The monochrome screen, the click wheel, the sleek enclosure- the whole package was amazing to me. I knew I had to have one, even though I was not a huge fan of music at the time. I did not get my first iPod for another two years, but when I did it felt great.

As for everyone else, iPod practically sold itself. It was this cute little device, with elegant lines, that seemingly everybody wanted. It became a phenomenon overnight. The speed in which it grew in popularity was as amazing as the device itself. People were once again confident that Apple could make great things.

As this love affair bloomed for all of us, we also got to know and love (or loath) iTunes, and it’s content stores that, I suspect if you are reading this site, you have downloaded something from. Again, another world-changing way we consume (and legally obtain) media.

I still love my iPod Shuffle that I jog with, and I loved my iPod touch until it died with a part of my pride when I fell down a portion of a mountain in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this past summer. I suspect most people like their iPods as well. This suggests that Apple has made more than an appliance that carries and plays music, but rather an enjoyable experience that springs forth from an elegantly designed box you carry in your pocket.

To make a long story short, the iPod’s appeal is in decline, but that’s okay. It has forever left it’s mark in popular culture and the way in which we listen to music. Who would have thought that a little device, with a little circuit board, and a little hard drive could change the world, and the way we consume entertainment? It’s been a hell of a decade.

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  • “To make a long story short, the iPod’s appeal is in decline”
    the ipods appeal is not in decline! it just morphed itself into the iphone!