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2Do for iPhone and iPad Updated with iCloud Support (So It Now Works With Siri)

On the features-to-dollars scale, 2Do is really kicking ass and taking names. The latest update, 2.6.1, has added iCloud CalDAV among a host of other features and improvements. I’ve included the full change log as a stitched screenshot below, but the iCloud integration deserves a quick nod first.

You can now log right into your iCloud account for Reminder syncing within 2Do, which means that the Reminders that you make via Siri on an iPhone 4S can be synced right to 2Do. This is awesome on paper because entering tasks with Siri is fantastic, but managing lists in the Reminders app is a real drag. 2Do’s new iCloud integration looks like it should bridge the gap nicely, but for a few inconsistencies here and there. Sometimes the app will take 2-3 seconds to sync in the background, whereas other times it will take 10. If Guided Ways can cut these sync times down and make them more consistent, I can see a lot of customers flocking to 2Do as their one-stop shop for task management (especially since the current $10 price tag buys you both the iPad and iPhone versions).



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