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Gmail App Pulled from App Store – for Notifications Bug & General Ugliness


Well this is the stuff of epic FAIL memes. The long-awaited new Gmail native app for iOS lasted less than half a day in the App Store before being yanked.

Just about everybody who installed it was greeted with the above startup error indicating push notifications are broken. And just about everybody who has eyes quickly realized that the app is ugly as sin and would have to be able to make your coffee and improve your love life in order to make you want to use it rather than the built-in Mail app.

Apparently the reason for the hideous look of the app is that it’s not really much of a native app at all, but more a glorified version of the Gmail mobile web app.

I’ve seen many people speculating today about why Google decided to release such a half-assed, ugly Gmail app for iOS – and the consensus seems to be that this way Android users don’t get tempted away to iOS if they no longer have the best / best-looking Gmail app. Whatever the actual reason for this poor release, it begs the question why bother?

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  • Steve Smith

    one more reason to leave Google. I used to be a real Google-fanboy, I love all the free software and the whole minimalist approach had it’s appeal, but it faded real fast. Too me, what they call a benefit is just them being too lazy to put the work in. I’ve switched everything over to iCloud and can’t be any happier.

  • Etienne

    Yes, ugly battle between two companies. Infortunately, we, customers, are in the middle of it